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Feeling really down about 1st day at school!

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LUCIA22 Thu 08-Sep-11 07:30:31

Dd is starting school tomorrow and I am feeling really down today. Is this normal, feel so silly. I am excited about her starting although I am expecting to shed a few tears tomorrow didn't expect to feel like this today. Haven't told Dp as I know he wouldn't understand. Want to have a lovely day doing things together today but feel terrible. Will still have Ds at home and am looking forward to some quality time with him. Does anyone else feel like this?

ThePosieParker Thu 08-Sep-11 07:35:09

Everyone feels like this!! I took ds3 to montessori for his first session and shed a tear!! DD1 starts school next week, I fully expect to miss her like crazy and regret all of the things I haven't done with her. It's the first real letting go, you know once they're in that they are taking their first real steps away from you.

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