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No school space for yr 1 or yr 5 Greenwich

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Eggs Wed 07-Sep-11 23:37:11

I have already posted this on the education board, but someone suggested I post here also. Looking for time scale advice please from anyone that has been in the same situation. We moved to Greenwich from Ireland just 2 weeks go, I sent my application before we left so my application has been with the council since 22nd august and was told today by the council that they have gone out to our school in Ireland to get my DC reports and it could take about 4 weeks to get places. Is this correct? I find it hard to believe that they would contact our school in Ireland before issuing a place. I have no problem with them contacting them, however it was never mentioned to me before and I could have got reports to them when I sent in my original application, therefore speeding up the process. Also as they have no school to attend is there a fast track system for them? any advice much appreciated
Many thanks

admission Thu 08-Sep-11 10:50:55

The drivel about needing DC reports is just a delaying tactic, it has absolutely nothing to do with being offered a school place. Yes the school that you are allocated to will want to see the files but not for the purpose of getting a school place. If they are really wanting to see the files prior to allocation of school places then that is illegal under the school admission code.
I would choose the local school and make a formal written application for places at the school to Greenwich LA. That will force their hand into refusing places on the basis that the school is full (probably). They then have to offer you a school and also offer an appeal for the school you requested. Take up the offer of an appeal, even though you may only have a very small chance of success with the year 1 child if it is an infant class size regs case at appeal. this will just keep the pressure on the LA to actually allocate places.

Eggs Thu 08-Sep-11 15:38:28

Thanks for that admission, is the Greenwich Learning Authority the same as the council, I cannot find any details for them. I can only find Greenwich council. Is the Learning Authority another body - independent of the council? apologies for all the questions, all this is new to me!

prh47bridge Thu 08-Sep-11 16:14:58

LA = Local Authority, i.e. Greenwich Council.

SE13Mummy Thu 08-Sep-11 18:17:13

Since in-year/casual admissions have been managed by the LAs, in this case Greenwich, it seems as though children are waiting longer for places that are available in schools than they used to. I teach in Lewisham and had a class of 22 for much of last year. A new pupil joined in the final half-term. It had taken over 6 weeks for the LA (Lewisham) to process his application and allocate him a place at our school.

Since then, my advice to parents seeking places mid-year is to telephone/visit local schools in person. Explain that you're looking for a casual admission place because you've moved and that you'd like to know if they have any spaces in the relevant year groups... I'm sure that if you make it clear that you understand that the school have no sway over places offered, and that you're simply trying to ensure that the schools you apply for are ones that your child stands a chance of getting into (because they're not so heavily oversubscribed that the enormous waiting list consists of multiple birth siblings of existing pupils).

Whereabouts in Greenwich have you moved to? I can think of at least one Greenwich school that usually has spaces...

Orchidskeepdying Thu 08-Sep-11 19:45:59

Definately space in year 1 and year 5 class in greenwich... know from first hand experience... depends which part of greenwich.

Eggs Thu 08-Sep-11 20:33:57

Moved to SE 10 Maze Hill area. Emailed my MP this evening. I don't want to jump the queue or anything I just want to get my children into a good school that they will thrive in. They have been through enough having to move from all that they know and love at home in Ireland. A little bit of compassion and understanding from the council would be nice.
Thanks for all the replies

jkklpu Thu 08-Sep-11 20:40:37

You may be suffering from the fact that you're close to the most popular primary school in the area, Halstow, which has the classic effect of raising house prices in the catchment as it's where everyone would like their kids to go. I've had good reports of Millennium, down towards N Greenwich Tube station, which I'd have considered for my ds had we not moved away.
Good luck.
By the way, Greenwich Council is usually quite good at replying to messages via their contact centre (email or phone), at least they were in my experience.

aries12 Thu 08-Sep-11 22:02:08

Contact the local schools and get the information on vacancies directly from them. It's a stressful time but things will improve once your Dc have places. Can you get the school in Ireland to email /fax reports. Keep track of the progress of the Irish school as don't want those reports being e.t.c. I have been through this last year. I sent my report with the application as I was asked for it then. I got a list of all the schools in the area, read the Ofsted reports, then contcted the local Council, filled in my form with my choices...(I knew there were places in a certain school). Then we rented a house close to the school to save hassle and eventually bought our own in another area but still close enough to school. Hope it all works out for you...

Eggs Fri 23-Sep-11 17:21:09

Just to give everyone that gave me advice regarding my situation, both children eventually got school places, however in different schools! Finally after a phone call to the Attendance Advisory Service we got allocated spaces within 24 hours. My eldest started this week and it all seems to be going well. My younger daughter starts on Monday - fingers crossed! Thanks to all who gave advice.

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