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So happy with my dd's teacher

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insanityscatching Wed 07-Sep-11 21:23:20

Dd is 8 ASD and statemented. I am probably neurotic, over protective and a little ok a lot blush controlling as I put in place an early intervention programme and admit I find it hard to let go of the reins.
Dd has her teacher for the second year running (my request) There were a few niggles last year but we worked through them. I tried to make sure I made suggestions rather than moan though and the teacher listened and I think she realised I could offer her tips and insight so that she got the best from dd.
By summer term I felt that we were on the same page and I felt more happy to step back and dd got increasingly independent of me and in school as well.
Dd went back today, there has been a swap round of children so the vast majority are new to her class and so she was understandably anxious.
I needn't have worried the teacher had it all covered, dd was still at the same table, the children on her table are well chosen so should lessen the stress, instructions were on the board as she would expect, her teacher asked dd and her TA to run an errand to the office (to get her away from the chaos of new pupils and parents who didn't know the routine) and she managed to grab a minute with me to check there was no immediate problems.
I picked dd up at 5pm from after school club her communication book detailed the day and dd was beaming and in full agreement with the book that she had had a great time and was happy to be back grin
I haven't always been so fortunate particularly with ds and so appreciate her immensely.

belindarose Wed 07-Sep-11 21:25:40

Lovely to hear good news. Will you let the teacher know how pleased you are via the communication book. Hope the rest of the term us so successful.

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