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Life after class teaching... Learning Mentor or SENCO?? Other ideas?

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TetchyTeacher Wed 07-Sep-11 11:56:56

I left my job in July as i had been in the same job (teaching ks2) for many, many years and was starting to feel burned out (and wanted to pursue other interests).

I have been doing a diploma in SpLd this year as i have decided that i want to pursue a more SEN/ learning support role. I am having some study leave this term (a gift to myself after a long career class teacher with only minimal maternity leave) smile.

I have toyed with the idea of doing the national senco award (as a self funded applicant).

Another option that really appeals is the role of learning mentor. The trouble is, I would worry about being judged as a 'failing teaching' if i applied to do this sort of role. actually this is far from the truth, as i always got fantastic feedback from ofsted/ head etc. but...... i just feel i need to do something other than whole class teaching, which i have no energy for at the moment. i love the idea of doing small group/ 1:1 interventions.

if i saw a trainee senco role then i'd apply for that, but dont want to overwhelm myself in terms of responsibility, tbh.

any ideas about a role that might suit someone like me? or any feedback about taking a drop in pay (and, dare i say it, blush) status and applying to be a learning mentor.


ps wanted my new name to be 'tired teacher' but someone has beaten me to it with that nicknmae... funny that!

TetchyTeacher Wed 07-Sep-11 11:57:46

'failing teacher' i meant

Friedtomatoes77 Wed 07-Sep-11 22:41:26

Hi I know someone who used to teach and now works for Dyslexia Action assessing children for dyslexia (may be more to it but am not sure) She seems to enjoy it. There is more info on their website.

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