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parents of Yr1 children - what differences do you notice in your dcs between now and a year ago?

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EdnaKrabappel Tue 06-Sep-11 20:13:55

ds is about to start in Reception. He is more than ready for the learning side, but I am hoping it will really provoke a change in him on the social side - currently he is quite immature in his relationships with other children, sharing, understanding other people have needs, more independent self-care etc.

Will it? (it's a great school and his teacher is fantastic). How did you see your dcs change between now and last year?

tiggerandpoohtoo Tue 06-Sep-11 20:17:59

My DD was so shy last year! She wouldn't say anything at all to the class. She also seemed to find it difficult to make friends. By the end of the year she would stand up and talk to them and read out aloud. This year, she ran straight to her friends at the school gate and started chatting about the holidays, their JLS lunch boxes etc. Such a big difference in confidence. It is amazing to see.

UniS Tue 06-Sep-11 23:33:32

DS is crying rather less often about minor disappointments.
He knows lots about minbeasts.
He thinks he knows lots about electricity ( batteries and lamps).
He plays superheros or kittens or families at lunchtime , with several other children. ( a year ago it was pirates with one buddy only)
He is asking if other children can come to play. Not just the one buddy.

Bingbangbong Tue 06-Sep-11 23:37:48

Good thread. My DS is due to start on Monday, and I've been wondering the same thing. A Y1 boy came to play a few weeks ago and whilst they are a year apart age wise, they are 2 school years apart as he is going into Y2. He definitely seemed more mature, more independent yet in many ways not that different. So I am reassured that my baby PFB isn't going to morph into a stranger. Good luck with reception!

Saracen Wed 07-Sep-11 02:02:10

My dd recently turned five and has some learning difficulties but has made enormous progress this year. Since a year ago she has started wanting to hold a conversation rather than simply ignoring people when they made small talk. She now can and does answer most simple questions accurately (what's your name, where are you going). She now has a concept of number and an interest in numbers, shapes and patterns. She is much more assertive with other children if they push her around or take things from her. She explains her bizarre and complicated make-believe games and draws other people in rather than playing on her own - last year she didn't understand that people couldn't read her mind. She has some idea of delayed gratification and doesn't always cry about having to wait for what she wants. She usually correctly identifies how she is feeling and therefore has solutions for her problems: "I'm tired, I want to lie down" "I'm cross, stay away from me". She negotiates with her sister to reach compromises.

My daughter still doesn't seem to feel much empathy for others but at least she has now been taught to fake it so as not to upset other people. Last year she laughed whenever other people got hurt and now she asks whether they are OK (not that she actually cares...).

She understands the rhythm to her day and week, realising that dinner means bedtime is coming soon, that certain activities happen on certain days of the week etc.

Four year olds do change hugely in the course of a year. Yours might be unrecognisable in a year's time. I don't know that it's down to going to school, though, so much as their age and natural maturing. My dd doesn't go to school!

EdnaKrabappel Wed 07-Sep-11 16:54:37

ooh thanks for lovely positive replies - I am taking particular comfort from UniS - "DS is crying rather less often about minor disappointments." That in itself would be a fantastic outcome!

rocketty Wed 07-Sep-11 17:09:06

More sophisticated language. Fluent reading (from nothing). Better at talking to random adults. Very good at sitting cross legged with finger on lips smile

littleducks Wed 07-Sep-11 17:30:10

DD: puts her hand up (in silence) when they ask a question on TV wink
is learning to talk less and listen more wink
squabbles less
endlessly practices clapping rhymes
walks nicely with her arms behind her back shock

She is also huge now, size 12.5 shoes and long pinafore dresses, last years uniform looks tiny

strictlovingmum Wed 07-Sep-11 20:21:35

Since turning five DD is more aware of others and their needs, shows more concern for others, just more mature in everything.
Fully dressed herself this morning, brushed her hair and brushed her teeth, no winging smile finally.
Academically, fluent reading from nothing, adding and taking away in maths, and writing is so much neater.
Still talks a lot, but listens for full answer given, still slightly inpatient, but she will get there, she is ready for Y1.

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