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Tips for surviving school life

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sleepevader Mon 05-Sep-11 21:52:23

My DS nearly 4 is starting Pre school. It's attached to the school he is almost certain to go to bar a major influx of children closer. It's a full uniform so I'm bracing myself as though it's school....less confusing for him and stops me bubbering both this year and next!

It has suddenly dawned on me that this isn't going to be like nursery where you may see other parents in passing. I've heard about alpha mummy's - I have no desire to fill those shoes. I also haven't got the time to make loads of new friends yet don't want to seem aloof or rude. I do however want my son to be happy and have friends. It's only now I realise that due to geography that's never really happened at nursery.

Any tips on surviving school life, parties, playdates etc

timetosmile Mon 05-Sep-11 21:59:26

Best advice I ever heard form lovely Reception teacher was,

"If you don't believe everything they say happened at school, I won't believe everything they say happens at home..."

sleepevader Mon 05-Sep-11 22:20:30

That's a good motto! They have such lovely Imaginations at this age!

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