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Its just hit me.... From Monday both my babies will be in school..

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Shhhh Mon 05-Sep-11 19:53:55

and im scared sad.

For the last 6 years (nearly 7 inc mat leave) I have been a sahm and have really enjoyed it. I still am enjoying it, yeah the 6 weeks hol have been testing but guess thats life.

Dd will be going into yr 2 and next week ds starts in reception. Im confident he will be fantastic and go without any problem but its me who suddenly is a wreak.sad.

Im starting to worry about what I will do to fill my days and how will I cope alone. Dh works away alot and we are both still happy for me to continue being a sahm (various reasons inc we would like a 3rd and I want to be able to be local should the dk's need me inc holidays/sick etc esp with dh being away alot).

I just feel sad that I am loosing my little buddy iykiwm.

Sure ds drives me insane at times but im so so very sad....

speak to me please...

cjbartlett Mon 05-Sep-11 19:57:12

Perhaps you could do voluntary work, reading in class
Or you could get a job if possible in school hours and take maternity leave when dc3 comes

Or you might just enjoy having nothing to do if you can afford it? envy

Shhhh Mon 05-Sep-11 20:37:25

See, I have just spoke to dh and he is of the view that we can afford for me not to work and we both like the idea of me not working...

I have asked the school (end of last term/school yr) to consider me if they ever need any help inc reading etc but by the looks of things they don't use parents to listen to reading. Im on the schools PTFA so guess I forget about how much I get involved with them and I guess I spend alot of time organising and sorting things for them.

The school is also due a new head this term, to take over 100% in a few months time so I guess a word to them to make myself and services know maybe is an idea..?

DownyEmerald Mon 05-Sep-11 21:26:04

I started a ballet class as a present to myself when dd started school, and I help in the school. I work part-time as well so my week is pretty full. I was worried about empty days, but to be honest, there is so much of a backlog on deep cleaning house post-building works, catching up on filing, finishing off decorating etc jobs, plus the normal housework stuff (that I don't do much of), I've started to call it my 5-year plan.

I also found catching up on TV programmes while I eat my lunch fills a moment when I did really miss dd's company.

Shhhh Tue 06-Sep-11 19:49:43

thanks for your reply DE smile

Im starting to think as well now that I possibly will be kept busy alot of the time. I also plan to continue with my gym membership and aim to go around 3 times a week so guess that takes up a good 2/3 hours of your day (travelling to/fro & exercising)

Im the same with housework, hoping that one day will be my day during the week so i have time with dd and ds at weekends.

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