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name tags? whic ones and do you put phone number on it?

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smerchant Mon 05-Sep-11 18:32:19

I am ordering some name tags for school and this is my first child so not much experience. Which ones are better: iron ones or sticky ones? And should i put address and phone number on it along with the name?

lohby Mon 05-Sep-11 18:51:55

Just name.

Iron just fall off.

Sew on or use a laundry pen to label.

nametapes Mon 05-Sep-11 18:55:45

The best nametapes are Cashs' ....
As you can see I'm an my nickname !!
HAve sewn on tons of the darn things for 10 yrs old as we have bought loads of new stuff.

Seona1973 Mon 05-Sep-11 21:17:48

I use iron on and they have never fallen off (easy2name fab and funky ones). They just have the name on. I also have a laundry pen for things I never got round to putting the iron on ones on.

rocketty Mon 05-Sep-11 21:37:43

the iron on ones all fall off.

We use cashes. Fantastic and then you can reuse them.

baffledmum Mon 05-Sep-11 22:05:52

I use iron in labels and haven't had any problems with them falling off. I used mynamelabel, I think and I have put my phone number on them, although nobody's ever rung to say they've found stuff!

coccyx Mon 05-Sep-11 22:09:12

Stuckonyou is a great website.

CheshireLady Tue 06-Sep-11 09:41:08

Fab & funky stick easy clothing labels from easy2name. They just stick on, so simple and don't fall of like the iron on. I use to be cashs fan but these are great.

lovecheese Tue 06-Sep-11 09:46:20

I use a laundry pen for everything; life is too short to sew labels on.

BendyBob Tue 06-Sep-11 09:49:59

Also SimplyStuck are good. I use their iron on ones and they do stay put. I also get sticky ones for lunchboxes etc.

starfishmummy Tue 06-Sep-11 09:50:40

Cash's sew in to start with; then biro on the clothing tag when you get fed up!

smerchant Tue 06-Sep-11 16:06:25

thanks a lotsmile

Popbiscuit Tue 06-Sep-11 16:13:12

Starfish grin That was me yesterday; I had every intention of sewing on all the labels but got fed up after 5 (and that took me an hour and a half). Permanent markers all the way.
Shout out to EASY2NAME though for their stick on labels (not for clothing) as they were the only company that let me make a sticker with all my DCs names on one sticker (I use them for mini-tupperware etc. for their lunchboxes)

ButteryPie Tue 06-Sep-11 20:30:10

I used to work in an old people's home, where I regulary did the laundry for 32 residents, all of whom were meant to have name tags in thier clothes. The only thing that stood the test of time was sew in woven name tags.

I got just our surname, so I don't need to change it as they are handed down, and I can just unpick when the youngest has grown out of them so I can pass them on (if the clothes are still in one piece!)

I am impressed with some labels we got a while back. I forget the company, but they were on a sheet with shoe labels and had little plastic bits to go over the top. I stuck some on the drinking bottles my two use several times a day, and they still haven't fallen off.

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