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Good luck to everyone who has a child starting at reception this week

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Schnullerbacke Mon 05-Sep-11 00:26:19

DD turned 5 today and since bedtime I have been sitting on computer, looking at baby pictures, shedding tons the odd tear. Time has flown, am sure most of you have felt it at some point, and now the time has come for our babies to start school. It feels odd, seeing the last 5 year as a block, its all been fun, had great times. Now it feels as if life is turning very serious and I don't like it.

Of course they still need us but I have this feeling that they will pull away and grow up even faster now, wanting to be with their friends more and more, not so much depending on us.

So, here is to our babies - I hope they will all have a great school start. Here is to us Mums wine - hope this week won't be too hard on us.

Runoutofideas Mon 05-Sep-11 07:44:10

My baby starts next Monday (teachers do home visits for the first week. She only turned 4 three weeks ago, so to me she is way too small to be going to school. Need the big glass of wine I think! Good luck to anyone else.

Jacksterbear Mon 05-Sep-11 09:57:21

First ever school drop-off done! DS was fine, went in without a backwards glance, leaving me behind in tears!

Good luck to everyone else starting this week!

AandO Mon 05-Sep-11 10:31:52

Ds started school last Wednesday. He will be five in October. He loved it!!

PerryUniform Mon 05-Sep-11 10:43:18

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

dementedma Mon 05-Sep-11 10:56:42

ah, takes me back. am currently organising helping DD2 get ready for going to Spain to work as an au pair for a year. she will be 18 in two weeks and leaving home......sniff!

spiderlight Mon 05-Sep-11 11:04:18

DS starts on Thursday. He can't wait. I'm dreading it - dreading seeing him in 'the system', in his uniform, behind bars!! I'm being absolutely ridiculous about it, I know, but he's such a little free spirit and I really don't want that to be quashed. His school is brilliant though and his teacher and TA are both lovely. He's going to be with his best friends from nursery and he can't wait - our house overlooks the school field and playground, so he's been yearning for the climbing frames and the bikes and trikes since he was about 18 months old and has had several attempts to break in through the fence over the years!

I have been warned by a neighbour whose son is a year ahead of mine that I must NOT spend Thursday in our back bedroom window with binoculars like she did!

MugglesandLuna Mon 05-Sep-11 11:20:16

Wonder what Perry said to get deleted on a thread like this??

DS starts tomorrow. I have spent this morning going over everything to make sure its all ready - uniform, medication, bookbag etc. Have been looking at pictures of his 1-2-1 TA and the school to try and make him realise where he is going. Will see how it goes tomorrow.

Jacksterbear Mon 05-Sep-11 11:29:42

Yes I was wondering that too Muggles! confused

MugglesandLuna Mon 05-Sep-11 11:39:17

The only other post she has made is advertising.

shakey1500 Mon 05-Sep-11 12:09:52

I'm a bit peed off actually sad

Ds turned 4 in August, started reception today. He's the youngest in the class (and so small!). He knows the teachers, some classmates as he spent last year there in nursery, 2 hours in the mornings. So I've been reassuring him that there's only a few differences, he'll be there longer, have his lunch there etc. I could tell he was a bit nervous on the way.

We arrive at his classroom, same one as last year to be told that they'e had a new carpet laid on FRIDAY, the classroom wasn't ready but "just leave him here with us until everyone else is here and we're off to a different room. He looked so lost. I know I'm being a bit PFB but they've had the whole summer holiday to recarpet the room I was thinking that a little consistency (i.e the room they're used to) would be helpful on the first days to let them settle?

He'll be fine I know and I'm aware this is a minor thing, it just irritated me!

Bingbangbong Mon 05-Sep-11 12:15:17

My DS is starting on Monday and I have the double whammy of DS2 starting pre-school tomorrow. I have a long list of things to do with my free mornings.

I have been feeling a little nostalgic this week. I am pleased for DS as he is so excited and so ready, but a little sad that these years have flown by so quickly.

vickibee Mon 05-Sep-11 12:18:39

It is INSET today so my ds starts Tuesday - think he is getting anxious. He has wet himself recently (Unheard of) waking up several times per night and saying there are monsters at the school. He must mean the teachers.... I am sure he will be fine after the first day

kansasmum Mon 05-Sep-11 12:29:52

I dropped my little boy off this morning. He had a bit of a wobble when we got to the classroom but then was fine. I managed not to cry til I left the school and was walking home with dh!
I can't believe my little boy is at school. My DD1 is 17 and a half and has passed her driving test a couple of weeks ago so now I feel even more redundant as a Mum! I never see her now and she went off with DD2 in her car this morning to school!
But the main thing is my boy was happy and looking forward to school and in time I am sure I will appreciate the time to myself that school gives me!

glitterkitty Mon 05-Sep-11 12:31:07

DS was 4 in May, so quite young too. He was a bit apprehensive this morning- not been very well over weekend either.

Picking him up at 1.15. Please let him have found a friend! Will be so glad when this week over....

Anyone else got half days this week? And anyone else have bloody nightmares last night or was that just me!

Calico1 Mon 05-Sep-11 12:36:08

Waved DS off to school this morning (blub) and DD goes to nursery tomorrow. DS was quite anxious as it was a bit of a hubbub in the playground but he was very brave and sat down in the classroom with a little friend. I live next to the school so I am desperately trying to peek into the school hall from my kitchen window to see if I can see him at lunch.....

Calico1 Mon 05-Sep-11 12:37:42

No half days - straight into a normal school day. DS is the smallest one there and the only one wearing shorts this morning....

SmethwickBelle Mon 05-Sep-11 12:39:27

DS1 was 4 in July and he starts full time reception on Friday, no easing in. He's fairly blase about it in principle but I am quite anxious about it as he's not great outside his comfort zone and I know there will be a moment where he realises I'm not staying with him...

Last nursery session this Thursday... and today is the last weekday of him and his brother knocking about together.. sobs so I'm going to log off and make the most of it! Shame the weather's so poor.

Ihavewelliesbuttheyrenotgreen Mon 05-Sep-11 12:40:25

Perry was advertising tut tut, think it was school uniform smile

Abgirl Mon 05-Sep-11 12:46:44

shakey1500 my DSs school is also having a carpet laid in reception this week - but only because some gits nicked lead from the roof over the school summer holiday. The damage was discovered when the teachers went back in last week and they've done really well to get it all repaired in the time they've had. I'm just saying this because your DS's school might not have planned/wanted to be re-laying carpet this week. Still annoying for you though.

My DS2 still has another 2 weeks at home as he'll be one of the youngest in the year. He can't wait to go!

woolleybear Mon 05-Sep-11 12:57:59

My little girl has started today. She clinged to my leg for all of about 30 seconds and then ran off into the playground with all older kids. I had to go search for her when they had to line up. I think she will be doing fine, she's 5 next week and well ready for it!

rocketty Mon 05-Sep-11 13:07:41

My 4yo DS2 started today. Woohoo!!!! Peace and Quiet at last (I love him to bits, but honestly, after 6 weeks of wall-to-wall noise it was nice to have him and his brother at school again).

Did feel a bit weepy but didn't blub. I'm just proud of him for being such a big boy today - putting his uniform on and going straight into his classroom with no fuss. Only turned 4 a week ago, but being so grown up.

ArseyContarsie Mon 05-Sep-11 13:10:45

i'm seriously considering not MNing or fbing until next Weds when DD has her 1st half day in reception, all these posts and threads are bringing me to tears already!

<soft arse really>

annieapple7 Mon 05-Sep-11 13:17:21

My last baby started Reception today, now all 3 are at full time school. It has not sunk in really. I wept when the two boys started school - they are now aged 9 and 7. DD was so excited to go it made it easier for me. But I can't decide whether I am sad or happy. I feel numb in my empty nest.

privateprancer Mon 05-Sep-11 13:18:30

mine doesn't start for a week but reading this is making me blub too. get a grip woman

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