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Stoke Bishop and Elmlea Primary Schools - 2 DSs 2 Schools Logistic Nightmare

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nettiee Sun 04-Sep-11 01:55:16

I have recently moved to Stoke Bishop and DS1 (Yr2) has been given a place at Stoke Bishop and DS2 (Yr1) is at Elmlea. Also there are no places available at Stoke Bishop After School Club, so I have both DSs booked into Elmleas After School Club, which they love. While I am very grateful for being given a place at all with the current shortage of Primary School Places in Bristol, I now have the challenge of getting 2 children under 7 to 2 separate schools at the same time. I am also need to get DS1 From Stoke Bishop to the Elmlea ASC at 15.30. Is there anyone out there in the same postition who may be able to split the morning school run with me to help us both? Or has any suggestions about a reliable and safe way of getting DS1 to the afterschool club at Elmlea, as both my DH and I work full time in Bristol. PS We love Stoke Bishop, and have really enjoyed living here so far.

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