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School shoes from NEXT ?

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MadButMeansWell Thu 01-Sep-11 12:11:23

Would really appreciate people's feedback. Have always had Clarks shoes for DS (4yo) as I likethe fact that they are properly fitted. Went to the shop yesterday for school shoes only to be told they only make one style in his size (he is small for his age) which he said were uncomfy (they were quite bulky and stiff compared to the shoes he normally gets there). Went next door to Next and got a pair which seemed to fit well but a little bit wary about comfort etc....What have you found?

oneofthosedays Thu 01-Sep-11 15:03:29

We found them ok but they didn't last as long as the Hush Puppies that we now get for DD.

DerekDrew Thu 01-Sep-11 15:25:30

We've had Next leather shoes as opposed to school shoes, and they definitely didn't last as long as Clarks.

MadButMeansWell Thu 01-Sep-11 19:08:29

Thanks for the replies

Lonnie Thu 01-Sep-11 20:17:32

dd2 for a period only wore Next shoes as they did a fitting that suited her. she was 9 at the time and they lasted as well as the shoes we usually get (not Clark users generally independt shop or Russel and Bromley)

TimeForMeIsFree Thu 01-Sep-11 20:45:29

Agree with other posters who say they don't last very long. Also not as sturdy but I suppose this is reflected in the price. I wouldn't buy school shoes from Next again. HTH

rubbarbandcustard Thu 01-Sep-11 22:50:31

I am so sick of school shoe shopping. For my two boys I found there is good choice about for a good hardwearing, dare I say sensible shoe in some cool styles and colours. Girls shoes seem to limited to one style with a few variations on the same theme, and they are certainly not designed for a lot of outdoor play. I used to be able to by shoes for my dd with no trouble, but the last couple of years the fittings have been crap. In one Clarks shop the assistant suggested having 3 insoles to make the shoes fit better. You also used to be able to pick and shoes which styles you wanted to try. Now I just ask to see everything in a size 2 and there is usually only a choice of about 3 if lucky.

rubbarbandcustard Thu 01-Sep-11 22:52:41

sorry just re read after posting and must apologise for my poor spelling smile

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