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what is year 1 ??

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loosinas Wed 31-Aug-11 19:03:49

so, ok, i know what year one is, but what will happen and how much of a shock to the system is it really to wee five year olds accustomed to choosing all day in reception?

are they likely to be eased in gently or will the routines of sitting at a table and doing a lot more formal stuff be instigated early on ?

many thanks !

Collision Wed 31-Aug-11 19:07:35

Truthfully, ds2 did not know what had hit him!

We were laughing today with his teacher (we were having lunch) and he had remembered how he said to her that he did not want to finish a piece of literacy writing. In reception that is fine but in Y1 it is not! She told him he had to go and finish his writing. He is still now only 6 and he said, 'I cannot believe I said that!!'

Having freaked you out, it depends on whether the school does transition or not. That eases the children in with lots of play for the first term. Our school does not do or believe in transition as the HT likes high levels in writing so it is straight down to business in week 1!!!!!!

changer22 Wed 31-Aug-11 19:17:33

My DS's Y1 teacher was a bit of a dragon who was all 'They're Y1 now, it's time to get on with the work'. She expected a lot from them which wasn't great for my DS who was only just 5. sad

rebl Wed 31-Aug-11 19:18:00

I think it depends on the child. My dd is more than ready to sit down and will do well with no transition (which she won't get). My ds is so not ready to sit down and will not know what hit him and he will get a transition. I'm preparing myself for a rocky ride considering he's already got a history of school refusal.

mrz Wed 31-Aug-11 19:18:27

It really depends on the school. Our Y1 is an extension of reception
you might be interested

Ferguson Wed 31-Aug-11 19:41:14


Obviously all schools will vary, but I would hope that most do it in a sensitive (and sensible) way.

I support two days a week in a very small Primary school, so our year groups are combined. Last year the class I was in combined R, Yr1, Yr2 which did work surprisingly well. R kids mostly played, but could 'sit in' on appropriate lessons if they wanted. There was not much difference between the less able Yr2s, and the more able Yr1s. Teachers always have to differentiate (or nearly always) within a class to meet different abilities anyway, so the mixed ages didn't really matter.

This year, due to staff changes, the combinations will be R, Yr1 in one class, and Yr2, 3, 4
all in another. The top class will be Yr5, 6.

So in your case I would guess, and hope, that Yr1 will start off with some formal lessons, probably in the mornings, but still retain some play/less formal activities for afternoons. Gradually the emphasis is likely to shift towards increased academic work, but afternoons might still be art, crafts, music, PE etc.

Hope all goes well for you both!

Mum2be79 Wed 31-Aug-11 21:17:09

I'm a Y1 teacher and we have a transitional period during the Autumn Term.

Autumn: Y1 teaching and learning mirrors that of Reception. The difference being we have no outdoor access so it is planned into the timetable rather than allowing children to 'choose' when to go out. Some lessons (PE and Games are whole class taught - so no 'choosing' during that time).

Spring: More time focused on adult directed activities. We still do 'Areas of Provision' - child initiated play - but we have groups doing adult-directed and adult-led activities with a focus on being independent at their directed activities.

Summer: Mornings are structured. No child initiated activities. Play can sometimes happen but it is adult directed - i.e. the children may be told to do a task in the role-play area and they are expected to follow through. Afternoons are for child initiated 'choosing' time.

We've found that using the whole of Year 1 to slowly build children's confidence and independence skills, they are ready for structure in Year 2. Although in the Autumn and Spring Terms in Year 2 they have 'choosing time' for the last half hour. In the Summer Term they have it only on a Friday.

By the time they get into Year 3 onwards, 'choosing time' is a treat at the end of a term.

thebeansmum Wed 31-Aug-11 23:55:08

Mum2be - Thank God our school sounds like yours! Collision's post had me frightened, never mind the OP! "Our school does not do or believe in transition" Wow.

Don't worry, Loosinas, I'm sure your five year old will be eased in to some degree, there will still be a big gap between the brighter/more social/confident kids and the ones that are less so at age five. S/He'll be fine.

Mspontipine Thu 01-Sep-11 00:48:53

My poor ds went into a yr1/2 mixed class and didn't know what hit him sad
What did annoy me though was pther purely yr1 class still did so much more playing, toys, choosing, freedom while ds had Friday afternoons only. He's fine now smile nearly 9 but would def have welcomed more transition than that!

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