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primaries in bounds green

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Cinnamonlily Wed 31-Aug-11 15:00:14

we have moved in bounds green from crouch end and it would be more convenient to look at schools here,what can you advice?

LouiseInLondon Wed 31-Aug-11 16:01:21

You don't say whether you are looking for entry to reception or for older dc to transfer. If the former be aware that Rhodes Avenue has just expanded to three form entry and therefore has a bigger catchment than before and therefore might be possible depending on exactly where you are. Older children sometimesget in from Bounds Green on the waiting list but it is probably a long shot depending on where you are. Rhodes would probably be considered by many to be the most desirable localish school.

Otherwise if you are Catholic look at St Martins, if not look at Bowes, both of these are probably better than Bounds Green or Nightingale, but your options will depend on exactly where you live. Depending on the age of the child concerned I would have a look at the whole lot of them!

Good Luck.

Cinnamonlily Thu 01-Sep-11 23:15:31

thank you!
she is starting reception,on the waiting list for Rhodes,council mentioned Garfield,any tips?Ofsted not too good for it... thanks again

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