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teaching correct letter formation

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moshlings Fri 26-Aug-11 14:09:43

Could anyone tell me how they teach letter formation at school? I know the correct way to form letters, but do the teachers just get children to copy letters off a board or join up dots.

mrz Fri 26-Aug-11 15:13:26

We start off by talking through the starting point and the sequence of movements needed to form the letter correctly. Then we write it the air hands together arms straight as large as possible repeating our agreed actions out loud. Once the sequence is firmly fixed I model how to write the letter on the white board (using guide lines) then the children write the letter again with their index finger on the table and finally in their handwriting books (also use guide line) I make sure they are doing it correctly then they can go ahead and write a full line.

Curly caterpillar family
Anticlockwise movements
c round

o round, round and join

a round, up, down and flick

d round, up, up, down, down and flick

g round, up, down, down and round

q round, up, down, down and tick

s round and round the other way

f round, down, down and round – across

e across and round
one armed robot family
down, up and over movements

r down, up and over a bit

n down, up, over, down and flick

m down, up, over and down, up, over, down and flick

h down, down, up a bit, over, down and flick

b down, down, up a bit, over and round

p down, down, up, up, over and round

k down, down, up a bit, over, round, out and flick

long ladder family
mainly down and round movements

l down, down and flick

i down and flick – dot

t down and flick – across

j down, down and round – dot

u down, round, up, down and flick

y down, round, up, down, down and round

zig zag monster
diagonal movements

v down, up

w down, up, down, up

x down, stop – down, stop

z across, down, across

for joined writing we add a "whoosh" to the beginning

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