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AbigailS Fri 26-Aug-11 10:16:48

What clubs do your children's schools run? My school runs masses. They run them in blocks of five or six weeks so the same thing isn't always running all year. Children can attend two or three each week from year 2 upwards and Year one has a different club each half term with a system to ensure everyone gets at least two clubs over the year. But my DCs school only runs a few and although I realise that this is because it is a much smaller school with fewer staff, I'm not blaming my DCs school, as I know clubs are run voluntarily by staff and there are many reasons why it can be difficult - staffing with skills and time, hall space, lots of children bussed home, school hall rented to other private clubs, etc. But I'd be curious to know the variation in amount and content around the country.

IndigoBell Fri 26-Aug-11 11:09:23

3 form entry junior school:

Football, Tennis, Cheerleading and Gymnastics offered by local coaches and they're paid for.

The local high school offers Chess, Latin and Mandarin to Y5 and Y6 kids. (Cleverly trying to attract more academic kids than it has in the past.)

Athletics, cross country, multi-sports and gardening done by staff and free.

Plus some invitation only clubs which luckily we haven't been invited to (cooking, ICT, pyramid, Kung Fu etc)

redskyatnight Fri 26-Aug-11 11:21:18

2 form infants school
(open to all) football, dance, French, Spanish
(open to KS1 only) gardening, cookery, art

Occasional other clubs that just run for a 1/2 term - e.g. DS did athletics last half term

Impressed for the size and age range of school really

mankyscotslass Fri 26-Aug-11 12:16:32

large 2 form entry school.

Choir for juniors once a week all year.

Then each year group has one activity per 1/2 term, ie Drama, football cricket, dance, with limited places. Some 1/2 terms a year group will have no activity at all.

lovecheese Fri 26-Aug-11 13:02:26

Indigobell Why are some clubs invite only? confused;

Anyway, 2 form-entry primary -

Infant and junior choir
Recorder club
glockenspiel club
guitar lessons - not free
gardening club
maths games for infants
spanish - not free
art club
sewing club
enterprise club

Some for infants, some for juniors, some for all, and some on termly or half-termly rotations if very popular. Looks a lot when I write them down!

IndigoBell Fri 26-Aug-11 13:09:19

Some clubs are invitation only because they're targeting certain groups of students who need them more than most.......

ie if you're invited to pyramid club it's because you lack confidence....

Or ICT club is for kids who don't have a computer at home....

lovecheese Fri 26-Aug-11 13:18:15

I see; DD's school do similar things too.

JemimaMuddledUp Fri 26-Aug-11 13:31:02

My DC go to a small village school with around 90 pupils.

They offer:
Hockey (Yr2-Yr6)
Dragon Sports (multi sport club)
Art and Craft Club
Urdd (Welsh youth group, through this they do lots of activities including sports, dance, choir, reciting etc)
There is also a cricket club during summer term.

The football club opposite the school runs coaching from 4+ and junior league teams from 7+.

They also have a school garden.

Clubs are all after school. Urdd, Dragon Sports and Arts & Crafts cost £1 per child per week. You have to be a member of the Urdd to go to that, which costs £6 a year. Hockey and football are free, although it costs £20 a year to sign up to the league to play matches.

They are offered music lessons (trumpet, violin, flute etc) but these are during the school day. They cost about £20-£30 a term, depending on how many children take them up.

Saracen Sat 27-Aug-11 02:30:26

My dd went to a small village school with 70 pupils. They had a different club every afternoon Monday-Thursday. Two were run by external providers and two by staff volunteers.

UniS Tue 30-Aug-11 19:45:59

mid size school up to 30 pupils in a year.
KS1 - very few clubs, IIRC just
cookery for yr 1 on a 6 week block 4or 6 pupils at a time basis.
A foreign language lesson for Yr 2 pupils
Lunch time
Chess, gardening and recorder club.
After school
Football, netball, Environmental action group, ICT, Cross country running, Tag Rugby, Choir and Music group.

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