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SheCas Tue 23-Aug-11 10:19:27


I have a 3 year old (Born 3/11/07) who will be starting primary/infant school next year. I believe this is what is normally done...(starting your child in the year they turn 5).

My question is, can I defer her starting year to 2013 (the year she turns 6 but will still be 5 in Sep 2013)? Is this legally etc.. OK? What would be the potential disadvantages for her?

Hope someone can advise...?

IndigoBell Tue 23-Aug-11 10:27:59

You don't have to send your child to school. You can choose to home educate.

But it's almost impossible in the UK to have a child out of year. ie if she starts a year later she will start in Y1 instead or Reception.

Occasionally kids with very significant SN will be allowed to stay back a year.

You can also choose to start her the term after she turns 5, ie in Jan, in reception. This is the official school starting age in the UK.

Remember - all the kids in her class will be 4. Reception is designed for 4 year olds. It's not a formal class.......

IndigoBell Tue 23-Aug-11 10:28:48

And with a November birthday she'll be one of the oldest in the class, so almost certainly well able to cope with it.

Feenie Tue 23-Aug-11 10:30:37

Depends on the LEA- we regularly have children starting a year later, and they start in Reception. It's not commonplace though, as Indigobell says. Check with your LEA.

dilbertina Tue 23-Aug-11 10:36:23

Don't forget also that she will be one of the eldest in her year in any case. You may find that as she matures during the coming year you will feel she's ready for it by next September. Reception is mostly play, as is year 1 to a lesser degree in my experience.

sixpinetrees Tue 23-Aug-11 10:40:53

One of the biggest disadvantages is most schools will not have a place for your dd to start in Y1 as they will be full with dcs who applied for a reception place the year before. She will also miss out on the settling in period and the other dcs will have spent a full year making friends etc.

mrz Tue 23-Aug-11 11:02:46

Legally she would have to start full time education in January 2013. If you HE until Sept 2013 she would have to start in Y1 rather than reception (if there is a place available). It is unlikely she would be allowed to start in reception out of year unless there is significant SEN.

prh47bridge Tue 23-Aug-11 12:44:50

Your child would normally start in Reception in September 2012. You have the right to defer until January 2013. You cannot defer any longer than that unless you home educate. If you want your daughter to start in January 2013 you must still apply as if she is going to start in September 2012 then, when you have been allocated a place, inform the school that you intend to defer entry.

As mrz says, if you HE until September 2013 your daughter will start in Y1 rather than Reception and your choice of schools will be very limited as most will already be full.

As IndigoBell says, Reception isn't very formal. It is learning through play, similar to nursery. It is intended to provide an easy transition into school.

adelaofblois Tue 23-Aug-11 13:40:07

You can't just hold back a year, you will need to apply for entry next year. You can then opt not to send her to school until January, and the school must keep the place open for you. If you wish her not to be at school after January you will have to provide education at home, and will lose the school place. You would then have to apply for in-year admission at whatever point you decide to send her to school, which will greatly limit your options in terms of school preference, especially if it is to Yr1 or 2.

If you have concerns she should not be in school for developmental reasons the procedures are shady and unclear, but you would certainly need an EP assessment. These are very hard to come by. Get going now if that is your worry.

For other risks and advantages search for stuff like 'is my child ready' and 'deferring' in this topic.

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