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Black girls buckle up school shoes, where can i get any? They all seem to be velcro!

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Tortoise Mon 22-Aug-11 19:48:34

DD1 age 8, has a habit of doing velcro shoes up too tight and the strap gradually gets longer! She says they don't stay tight enough!
So she has asked for shoes with a buckle but all i can find seems to be velcro!
Can't be more than about £25 though!

carpetlover Mon 22-Aug-11 19:54:22


A bit pricey though! And I asume you meant girls black buckle up school shoes rather than black girls buckle up school shoes! grin

carpetlover Mon 22-Aug-11 19:59:50

or here

DilysPrice Mon 22-Aug-11 20:00:53

Some styles of Toughees have buckles I think.

Tortoise Mon 22-Aug-11 20:01:27

They all look like velcro.
What's the difference in the 2? On your link it says black girls school shoes.

Tortoise Mon 22-Aug-11 20:01:57

Meant to say thank you as well smile

ShootinTheBreeze Mon 22-Aug-11 20:03:21

I too wondered why it was surprising that black girls bucked their shoes. grin

Tortoise Mon 22-Aug-11 20:09:06

Oh, i see!

dixiechick1975 Mon 22-Aug-11 22:27:02

kickers on ebay

Clarks do some with buckles in the larger sizes say 13 up - but will be over budget unless you get off ebay/clarks outlet

beckybrastraps Mon 22-Aug-11 22:31:18

DD tried some on today. I think they were Ricosta, or Petasil? But they were over your budget.

There were some Clarks ones on carpetlover's second link that were cheaper.

carpetlover Tue 23-Aug-11 13:35:23

Sorry, the first link to clinkard seems to have linked a different page. On the second link, it was the clarks hazel ones which are half way down the page on the right. It wouldn't let me click on them individually.

There was definitely buckled shoes if you go onto the clinkard site.

Bramshott Tue 23-Aug-11 13:46:28

Got some for DD1 (also 8) from Clarks yesterday but they were £34 I'm afraid - called Daisy Wish Jnr.

HarrietJones Tue 23-Aug-11 14:23:17

Dd1 has DMs. £50 ish though . I justified it by if they don't fit her they'd fit me!

Tortoise Wed 24-Aug-11 19:18:49

Thanks. Looked in Clarks today but nothing buckle up in there. Pair online but £34! Will have to think about it. She wears through shoes so quickly.

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