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Changing primary schools in year 5

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Swiddle Mon 22-Aug-11 13:31:54

We may need to move house and therefore move primary schools when my middle child is in Y5.
How does it work?
Do you need to move and then hope a space at a local school comes up?
What happens if the only school with a place is miles away? Do you start the dc there and then move them again if a local space comes up?
Will he hate me forever for extracting him from his close friends?

prh47bridge Mon 22-Aug-11 15:06:04

You apply to the LA for the area to which you are moving. You cannot apply from your new address until you have evidence that you are actually going to move, e.g. a letter from your solicitor confirming exchange of contracts. The rules on that differ from LA to LA so you will need to check their website or ring them.

The LA should be able to tell you which schools have places. However, that can change so there are no guarantees that the place will still be available by the time you move.

The LA will come up with a place within a reasonable distance of your new home. However, there is no absolute rule as to what classifies as "reasonable". Journeys of up to one hour each way have been regarded as acceptable.

Note that you don't have to change school just because you move. Your child can stay at his/her existing school if that is practical.

Lonnie Mon 22-Aug-11 18:06:19

we moved when my dd1 was due to start year 5 we had a choice of 3 schools where we moved to for her but only 1 school had room for all 3 siblings (1 year 3 1 year 1) so we went for the school that had room for them all (that now 4 years down the lane it is oversubscribed)

She hated it to begin with.. Loved the induction day we had prior to the move but really disliked the first 6 months of year 5 after that it got better and by the time she was leaving year 6 she was sobbing saying it was the best school ever and she didnt want to go to 2ndary school.. (now about to go into year 9 and her 2ndary is the best school in the world according to her )

the school was wonderful her teacher in year 5 (and 6 same one) I cant fault him he was amazing as was the 1st head (we got a temp one halfway through her year 6 whom i was not keen on) they worked hard to make her feel involved. Should also be said she came from a junior schoolwith a 60 intake a year to a school that at the time had 90 students on roll so quite a difference for her..

All in all it was a stressfull but possitive experience she thrived in the new school and the move was overall a good one if you know deep down that the move will be the best for your family go for it. she now doesnt want to live anywhere else this is the best place in the world according to her

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