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Primary Schools in Sevenoaks - which to opt for

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Mumwithadragontattoo Thu 18-Aug-11 15:57:31

My DC1 is due to go to school in Sept 2012 and I'm wondering what preferences to put on the application form.

We live closest to Riverhead Infants' but possibly not close enough to get in if it is very oversubscribed this year, especially with siblings. Anyway I was thinking I'd put Riverhead as first choice.

I then thought I'd put Sevenoaks Primary as second choice as it too has a good rep but to be honest we are almost a mile away so little chance of getting in there unless they take on another extra class next year. Would be quite good for me though as would be on the way to work so easy to get to. Plus excellent before and after school care, holiday clubs etc.

Under these circs I think our 3rd choice school is really important to get right as our first two are likely to be oversubscribed. We are not religious so would not be looking at the well regarded religious schools. What other options are there? Anywhere that people have had really good experiences of?

beautifulgirls Thu 18-Aug-11 20:05:06

I would suggest you start off by checking out ofsted and finding through them a list of schools localish to you. You can then check the Kent admissions website for details of the applications last year and give you some idea of the chances of a place in each particular school coming up for you where you live. The most important thing is then to visit the schools and make an informed choice based on how you feel about things. The ofsted reports can be helpful but are not the be all and end all to making a decision. Obviously you are thinking about the 3rd choice quite hard and really you need to know which schools are almost certain to offer you a place should your first two choices fail.

Mumwithadragontattoo Fri 19-Aug-11 10:31:50

Thanks beautifulgirls that's really helpful. I have a look at the Ofsted reports for local schools but just not sure (a) our chances of getting in or (b) what parents really think of them.

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