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Preparing child for junior school

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redskyatnight Wed 17-Aug-11 14:25:16

DS starts at junior school (Y3-Y6) in September. The school is not connected to his infants though he'll know 11 out of 28 children in his new class.

He had a couple of visits there at the end of last term so has seen round the school and met his new teacher and classmates, but I've not done anything specific to prepare him and am now wondering if I should have ...

Anyone done anything (or wished they had) to prepare their child for Y3 (with or without new school)?

Or is it literally a case of turn up on Day 1 and shove him through the door smile ?

IndigoBell Wed 17-Aug-11 16:00:03

Only difference is they need a school bag instead of a book bag smile

Don't worry about it. There really is very little change - besides normal individual differences between schools.

Lonnie Wed 17-Aug-11 16:14:26

We went with the show up on day 1 and shove her through the door option grin but then she was going to a junior school with only 5 children she didnt already know out of 60..

If we had remained for the school with dd2 we would have used same approach

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