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Any Scottish primary teachers can give me advice?

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EuphemiaMcGonagall Sun 14-Aug-11 20:45:58

I did my PGDE when I was 40, and post-Probation I have been on the supply list.

I often feel that I don't fit in schools, and I don't understand why. I am aware that there is a game to be played when you go into a new school i.e. you can't just go in and be yourself.

Trouble is, I don't know how to play the game! I try to be polite, enthusiastic, respectful, etc. but I find many staff quite cold towards me, others almost hostile!

Are there any teachers who could give me some advice? I am starting a new supply job soon and I want to impress! Can you tell me:

(1) What would annoy you about a new supply teacher?
(2) How would you expect a supply teacher to behave?
(3) Would you be happy if a supply teacher was keen to get involved in the wider life of the school, and collegiate activities?
(4) Any other advice/tips?!

mrz Mon 15-Aug-11 08:21:25

I'm not in Scotland but I would expect a new supply teacher to act in just the same way as any other member of staff.
Some people do feel threatened so see friendliness and enthusiasm as "pushiness" and really there is very little you can do about it . Perhaps don't volunteer for extra work in your first week wink
Good Luck I hope your new school is very welcoming (most are honestly)

catsareevil Mon 15-Aug-11 08:23:48

I dont see why you shouldnt be yourself in a new school. IMO people being 'fake' is usually very obvious and off-putting for people.

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