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Sending four year old son to a different primary school than the one we've prepared him for - any advice?

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clod Sat 13-Aug-11 08:33:36

Our four year old was due to start at the local primary school in three weeks. He was very excited, particularly as many of his friends from nursery will be going there. But we heard yesterday that a place has come up at another local school that is much better and we've accepted. He is very against going - how do we prepare him? Help!

Fayrazzled Sat 13-Aug-11 08:55:51

He'll get over it in no time. If he hasn't started yet, then he doesn't actually really know what school is all about, does he? And he'll make new friends at the new school. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. Once he starts he'll be fine. I think my approach would be to stop discussing it rather as you could potentially make him more anxious by trying to allay his fears.

Elibean Sat 13-Aug-11 11:18:21

Hmm. Personally (but then my dds are 'need to know' kids who do well with information and talking things out) I would a) let him know its totally understandable that he is disappointed/cross as its a sudden change and b) try and find someone who is going to the new school he can play with/meet before term starts, and go for a visit as soon as they re-open in September (hopefully the older kids start a day or two before Reception?? Ours do).

I agree he'll probably get over it very fast once there, but meantime he's bound to have a reaction - fair enough - and he's also bound to feel anxious about the unknown. There is nothing for him to get excited about visually, whereas the 'old' school he's presumably seen and can picture his friends there with him - so any visits, links, connections you can help him make would be great. Failing all else, visit their website, look at the outside of it with him, and just let him be pissed off - it'll be fine!

Iamseeingstars Wed 17-Aug-11 20:20:32

iF it is a good school then he will be fine and adapt straight away. Quite often the kids that have been their best friends are completely ignored because they have found new people and the friendships will be fluid throughout school.

Just stay positive about the school, show him around, let him see the benefits of whatever is in the playground and dont worry.

A lot of kids are anxious about school because parents are anxious, so dont pass on your fears and worries

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