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Any info on Nightingale Primary School, in Hackney

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pagol Wed 10-Aug-11 15:42:32

I would really appreciate any feedback on Nightingale Primary School in hackney. Does anyone send their child there, is it a nice school to be at? What's it like academically?

any help would be really appreciated!!!

IndigoBell Wed 10-Aug-11 17:34:28

It's not the most academic school.

85% made the expected level of progress in English
79% made the expected level of progress in Maths

CVA 99.7 - which is a little bit below where you'd hope it would be

However..... It does seem to be improving
Students achieving L4+ in both English and Maths
2008 54%
2009 69%
2010 72%

So, possibly, it's becoming a much better school than it was?

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