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Kay14 Mon 08-Aug-11 13:47:05

I am planning to set up a new website offering support to PTA's. This is not to compete with the NCPTA site but to help with the more day to day items and save members valuable time. I will be providing template newsletters, financial statements, posters, flyers etc that can be personalised for each PTA. I am also planning to sell items to PTA's to take some of the time commitment and stress out of running a PTA such as lucky dips, wrapped gifts, prizes etc. I would really appreciate any feedback from PTA members if this is something they would find useful and if there are any other areas I could cover to make this a really helpful site.

PatriciaHolm Mon 08-Aug-11 14:46:24

I'm chair of our PTA.

Honestly, I can't see why I would use it. The NCPTA site has a wealth of information and help on it, including letter templates, posters, financial management help, welcome booklets for parents, etc, should I need it. Often we reuse stuff from previous years anyway so we are rarely starting from scratch.

I buy all the stuff we need for fairs from bulk buy suppliers anyway and I doubt you could undercut them as they would be your suppliers too.

PTA's don't have the money to join multiple sites for this type of thing, and I would imagine that most are already members of the NCPTA.

sorry not to be more positive.

Kay14 Wed 10-Aug-11 13:41:57

Thank you for the feedback. It's really useful to hear from PTA members if it's not likely to be of much use before I spend a lot of time and energy setting this up.

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