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unsure about primary schools in putney (SW15)

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ChrisUS Mon 01-Aug-11 22:07:48

My husband and I are not from the UK, so our knowledge of the British educational system is not quite there... our daughter is almost 2 years old and we are concerned about getting her into a good primary school when the time comes. We've heard Our Lady of Victoria is the best state school in the area. Although we attend Catholic church regularly, we are still unsure about our daughter's chances for admission. So, we're very curious to hear from other Putney parents regarding what school(s) their children went/go to and what their thoughts are....

We were also wondering if private education is worth the big price tag. If Offsted's reports are accurate, then I'm not too impressed... they appear to be marginally better...

Also, does anyone know why Our Lady of Victoria is ranked so highly?

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