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Greenwich SE10 Which school?

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Eggs Sun 31-Jul-11 22:38:59

We are moving here in Sept and I have 2 school going children, one going into year 5 and one going into year 1. We currently live in Ireland and the state system is very different to that in the uk regarding admissions etc. Looking for some assistance with the following problem....We have looked at 2 schoools in the area, we would have looked at more however due to the timing it was impossible as the schools are on holiday now. Of the two we looked at one we really liked Meridian, the other is a faith school, St josephs, seemed to be alright however it has only scored 3 in its last two OFSTED reports. We have also heard great things about Halslow school and Millenium, but cannot get both in. We can get DD1 into Halslow as she is in year 5, DD2 could then maybe get in on the sibbling rule, however I am not too sure about this. Anyway could anyone please advise which school they would recommend and what would be the best course of action regarding my preferences on the in year admissons form.

Thanks for reading - long post I know.

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