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How much revision for 11+ in holidays?

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Mirroire Sat 30-Jul-11 10:34:25

DSD has a tutor who has set her:

10 sets of random times tables
Free reading for half an hour
Spelling tests

each day.

Does this seem ok?

fidelma Sat 30-Jul-11 22:04:02

My dc are at Private school.My 11 year old was given a maths book and the teacher recommended that she does some during the hoildays,as it is not her strongest point.All very relaxed.She has done about 5 really good sessions so far.(we are half way through our 8 week break) I will be happy if she manages the same again.She reads for pleasure and has probably read about 8-10 good books so far.

You dsd work load seems heavy.They are on hoilday.

RoadArt Sun 31-Jul-11 03:41:33

I dont think it is a lot, and is probably being given to keep the brain working.

Just try and timetable her day so that she does them as part of a routine rather than a chore. May be when she first gets up in the morning?

Try putting spellings on Spelling City, its a great way for kids to learn and it is free, but you need to register to keep the words.

Times tables can be done very quickly. Our class has sheets of 80 questions to answer in 5 minutes, some manage, some dont, but restrict time to say 10 or 15 minutes every day and she will be fine.
Again there are lots of games, using equipment, you can do to make the learning easier to understand if she is struggling with tables. ie counters, sweets in groups and rows. THe key is for her to understand tables and then completing sheets will seem easy.

Reading is reading and shouldnt be seen as homework.

Jesusgirl Sun 31-Jul-11 04:30:41

I don't think it's that bad honestly. My ds is far away from 11+ but I know quite a few friends' kids preparing for it and sometimes I'm amazed at how much preparation is going into it. But I guess it's because the competition is so fierce now.

I agree, help her plan her day so that it isn't overwhelming, and always make her see the reason why she's making the sacrifice now. It's not always going to be this intense. Plus it'll keep her brain quite sharp and active.

All the best to her anyway.

NotEnoughTime Sun 31-Jul-11 08:57:05


I think if your DSD is taking the 11+ this year in Sept/Oct then that sounds like a reasonable amount of revision.

However if your DSD is not doing the 11+ this year then it is a bit excessive.

Why not have a look on the 11+ site? There are a lot of obsessive experienced people on there who may be able to advise you better.

HTH smile

WhatsWrongWithYou Sun 31-Jul-11 09:01:32

They've brought the 11+ forward this year in our county, so we're aiming to get DS to do a bit each day. One week in and we've managed one paper and one practise type, but we remain optimistic smile.

QOD Sun 31-Jul-11 09:11:54

2 of those 10 minutes bonds tests a day, plus tutor once a week to get full test paper in.
That was dd's summer that year. She was actually happy to do it as 10 mins is over very quick!

Mirroire Sun 31-Jul-11 10:51:30

Thank you all that's reAlly helpful. Just want her to do her best without pushing her too hard.
Will have a look at those sites smile .

maree1 Sun 31-Jul-11 17:03:31

Was recently recommended to this link .

Mashabell Mon 01-Aug-11 11:16:41

If u really don't want to push her, the answer is: none.

Jesusgirl Mon 01-Aug-11 23:57:54

I wouldn't consider that pushing at all. We all want the best for our kids and getting a good education is one of the best things we can give. there're a very few 10 year olds that would pick up a workbook just for the sake of it and so parents have to urge them along- I don't think that's being pushy at all!

Henrythehappyhelicopter Tue 02-Aug-11 00:02:57

It doesn't seem excessive, but it seems a little irrelevant. Strange things to be set by a tutor.

Mumwithadragontattoo Wed 03-Aug-11 16:02:28

I agree that sounds like something to keep her brain going rather than training for 11 plus as such. I would say times tables and spellings can be done pretty quickly and in an informal way. You just shout them out and help her out if she gets stuck. The reading sounds like fun and something she would hopefully enjoy anyway. Could be done sitting out in the garden. Doesn't have to be formal.

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