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Do they still publish KS2 SATS results nationally?

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Erebus Wed 27-Jul-11 08:16:12

OR has that nonsense been stopped? I am curious because I recall a big song and dance a couple of years ago, at maybe around this time?- when DS1 took his but nothing since!

I have always held that SATS results should be published in the OFSTED and maybe available on a govt. website but should never be published as a top to bottom chart in a national newspaper, for instance!

IndigoBell Wed 27-Jul-11 09:27:33

They're published here (and in many other places)

But they take months and months for this year's to be out - I think they'll be published in Jan? Because the results have to be re-marked and appealed etc.

Feenie Wed 27-Jul-11 09:34:28

It's a bit earlier than that - usually early December smile

mrz Wed 27-Jul-11 11:46:57

The league tables were published last year even though many schools boycotted the actual tests and they look set to continue even though the tests are changing in 2013

GoneAnonForThis Wed 27-Jul-11 12:13:47

mrs how are the test changing in 2013?

mrz Wed 27-Jul-11 12:31:19

The changes include:

Replacing the current writing test with teacher assessment of writing composition. This will ensure pupils can be more creative and will overcome the dangers of teaching to the test. This teacher assessment will make up the larger part of the overall writing judgement.
Working with the profession to develop a test of some of the essential skills needed to become fluent, confident writers – spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. We intend that it will be introduced from 2013 after trialling in 2012.
Publishing more data in the 2011 performance tables onwards, including new three-year rolling averages from 2012, to give a rounded picture of a school’s performance.
Placing a greater emphasis on progress made by pupils.
Progress will be one of the two main published measures, alongside attainment. From now on any overall judgement of a school by the Government, local authorities or Ofsted will give at least as much weight to progress as attainment.
There will be a strong focus on the progress of every pupil. New progress measures will be introduced in the 2011 performance tables to focus on the performance of low, middle and high attainers. This will help stop schools focusing on pupils on the Level 3/4 borderline.
We will introduce new progress and attainment measures from 2012 for pupils who have completed all of Years 5 and 6 in a school. This will recognise that schools should not be held wholly accountable for the performance of pupils who have just joined them.
Secondary schools will be given teacher assessment judgements before test results, from 2012. This will mean there is more weight attached to them and allow longer for them to inform Year 7 teaching and learning.
Primary schools will provide more information on pupils’ performance to secondary schools so Year 7 teachers know right from the outset children’s attainment and the areas where extra work is needed. This will start in summer 2013.
There will be a trial in 2012 of an extension to the testing period so that pupils who are ill on the day of a test have a week to sit it, rather than two days.

Maths and reading tests will continue to be externally tested but will be refined over time. Teacher assessment of science, with a sample test monitoring national standards, will continue. Speaking and listening will continue to be teacher assessed.

Erebus Wed 27-Jul-11 13:48:29

So can I hold my currently Y5 DS back a year now so he gets the benefit of these changes, please? grin Though I wish I was seeing more of the 'focus on level 3/4 borderline', a position DS2 has steadfastly held throughout Juniors...!

Have you noticed how our governments KEEP doing this? Taking a 'system', be it school testing, benefit claims, health care, taxation, etc then trying to wow us all with their 'clean sweep, let's cut through all the complicated 'jargon' (the previous government 'imposed...'), let's strip away all the terms and conditions and make it SIMPLE and UNDERSTANDABLE for ALL'- then, as it becomes increasingly apparent that in life, very infrequently does 'one size fit all', in creep the provisos, extra tiers of conditions, sub-clauses, the recognition that 'simplicity' can also mean 'unfair' etc- til we're back to where we were before they started muddling around with it to great fanfare and public expense, in the first place!

Thanks for the comprehensive replies.

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