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Ordering Uniform for Reception in Sep - how much and where from?

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OhCobblers Sun 24-Jul-11 20:50:33

So have received a (long) list from DS's school. Where certain items have specified the item to have the "logo" then i'll order that from the official stockist, but stuff like shirts, trousers, and socks from M&S or similar - is M&S ok or do you prefer BHS, Next, Asda, etc?

Could you give me an idea of what they realisticallly get through pls?

I'm thinking 5 shirts, 2 pairs of trousers, 5 pairs of socks, 2 jumpers and one of everything else?

Or have i got it completely wrong? Thanks for any advice/tips.

Meglet Sun 24-Jul-11 20:55:34

I've gone for 6 pairs of trousers (sainsburys only sold them in packs of 2), 5 logo polo shirts, 4 logo sweatshirts and 2 logo PE polo shirts. Still got to get PE shorts but think 2 pairs will be fine.

TBH I've probably ordered a bit more than I will need but I don't want the hassle of having to wash it in the week as I work too. I figure DS will get holes in some of the trousers so 6 pairs will be down to 3 pairs come December.

This is my first time ordering uniform so I'm just hoping it's enough!

MigratingCoconuts Sun 24-Jul-11 21:00:26

it all depends on how often you plan to do washing and also how much your DS rolls around in the soil/flicks paint/spills yoghurt/chews sleaves...grin

I'd go for at least 3-4 pairs of trousers so that you always have a pair in the wardrobe if one is in the wash and the other has been used in some sort of rugby scrum that day...

Catsu Sun 24-Jul-11 21:00:36

Ds has just finished reception and for next year I am ordering 6 shirts (5 would do but they come in packs of 2!)
5 trousers, 3 jumpers and 1 each of everything in his pe kit
that's what worked best this year. I started with 2 jumpers but he got food on them every lunch tine so was washing every day, it's much easier with a days lee way in there!
I get them from asda or m&s when they have offers on

teacherwith2kids Sun 24-Jul-11 21:03:59

Cobblers, as with other posters, I would say that you have underestimated the number of trousers needed but are OK with everything else.

DS has always had 4 pairs of trousers (2x2 packs from BhS). They have always lasted him a whole year though I supplement them with a 2 pack of shorts for the summer term so it matters less if the trousers are a little half mnast and past their best by then! 4 shirts, 2 jumpers, 6 days' worth of socks and pants (I work so most washing is at weekends).

Nagini Sun 24-Jul-11 21:09:45

6 shirts (5 and one for the school photo grin)
3 trousers (wash wear spare)
2 jumpers (might get a sweatshirt thing as well for him to be warmer but can't find any yet hmm)
2 tshirts and shorts for PE

I got it from M&S and am happy enough. They had 20% off and free delivery but that's finished now I think sad

orienteerer Sun 24-Jul-11 21:09:50

Wow, you all buy a lot! We've managed with 2 pairs of shorts/trousers & 3 shirts. Even if I wash at night and put in airing cupboard it's all dry in morning (I don't have a tumble drier), why buy more than you need. I always go by the maxim that "3 of anything is max you need i.e. one on, one in the wash and one spare". I think shorts/trousers can usually manage 2 days.

Nagini Sun 24-Jul-11 21:14:46

Mine's a dinner spiller orienteerer grin and I'm just not convinced I'm organised enough. Maybe I'll cut it down as he gets bigger and I'm more confident.
Also when the stuff is £2 I think 'maybe one more'....

OhCobblers Sun 24-Jul-11 21:15:14

thank goodness for MN - i knew i'd find the answers here! thanks so much.

unfortunately his jumper is specified as "with logo" so won't be able to pick up from M&S or similar - will have to be the stockist. Quite annoying that his PE polo shirt requires the logo too - no way around this i'm assuming in your experience?

OhCobblers Sun 24-Jul-11 21:17:41

also i've heard good things about BHS and Next school clothes - which high st store do you consider the best quality?

thanks again

greycircles Sun 24-Jul-11 21:18:03

Although you can manage with 2 pairs of trousers, you have to be vigilant with the washing if you have so few. My DS has just finished reception and he had 2 pairs of trousers to start with. These were outgrown and replaced with 2 bigger pairs. These were a) outgrown and b) got holes in them. For year one, I have bought him 2 pairs of trousers in his size and 2 further pairs in the next size up - I intend to use them for emergencies! Perhaps you should get a 3rd pair for your DS in the next size up, just in case.

MigratingCoconuts Sun 24-Jul-11 21:19:38

cobblers, that depends on the school really. our Head actually said she didn't care what the kids turned up in really, it was the learning that counted. I have a feeling our school uniform is more parent driven wink

my DD (6) tends to get through more uniform in a week during the summer as she goes outside more in the nicer weather.

youarekidding Sun 24-Jul-11 21:22:24

My DS is starting yr 3 and juniors this year so this is coming from experience. grin It's easier I find to have enough to last a week of clothes that need ironing. Sweatshirts wash and dry overnight so 1 to wear, 1 clean and 1 in wash. Although it will be washed during week it's less pressure!

I have ordered;

4 plain white polos <2x2pk) (3 to wear and 1 spare for replacement!)
1 logod polo for photos, special assemblies etc
3 plain white short sleeved shirts <3pk> (2 to wear and a spare for ruined item)
3 logod sweatshirts
4 pairs trousers <2x2pk>
5 pairs grey socks
1 school house PE t-shirt (infants was 2 pack and did 2 years!)
1 pair tracksuit bottom
1 PE sweatshirt

This year bought M&S for trousers, shirts, polos and socks.
PE stuff (except) t-shirt will come from ASDA cheap range (£2/3 per item)
Rest is from school outlet stockists.
The PE shorts were a 2 pack from Sainsbos and are still OK so using them this year for playing and the unworn pair for school.

Will buy cheap trainers for PE and shoes will be proper startrite/clarks but will buy end of August.

MigratingCoconuts Sun 24-Jul-11 21:22:53

M&S, mothercare and next have been great but i also have also found the supermarket brands have been fine. I sometimes find M&S comes up small. They are best for tights (not a problem for your DS!) but get a size bigger as they shrink.

nothing beats clarks for shoes in my own opinion smile

OhCobblers Sun 24-Jul-11 21:28:29

again, thanks for all your advice - will certainly be nabbing all your tips!

Migrating DS loves wearing tights in the winter!!! grin
I'm a great one for boys wearing them too to stay warm!!

Great tip to get shoes end of Aug but presumably you run the risk of them being out of stock so late in the day?

MigratingCoconuts Sun 24-Jul-11 21:31:05

my cousin used to do that!!! LOL!

SIL said it stopped his sockes working off on a cold day...

MigratingCoconuts Sun 24-Jul-11 21:35:20

I don't think they do sell out of school shoes but the risk is more that large queues of other families buying shoes for schools at the end of August.

My kids have no shopping patience at all so I risk it and buy earlier in the holidays...

Nagini Sun 24-Jul-11 21:35:44

at DS's school uniform is not compulsory, so I didn't get logo'd stuff smile

Tonksforthememories Sun 24-Jul-11 21:37:47

I never buy school shoes before mid August as you then run the risk of them having a growth spurt before the school year begins. A very expensive mistake to make!

M&S uniform is nice, but is on the small side. Especially collars for some reason! I buy from Sainsburys usually as their stuff is good quality and doesn't cost the earth.

It's also worth bearing in mind that each set of clothes may not last for more than a few months.

Do you know if your DC will have to bring PE kit home each week? My DC only bring theirs home for a wash in the hols!

youarekidding Sun 24-Jul-11 21:42:36

tonks what way do you think M&S uniform is small? I have ordered DS from here this year as 20% off but they have said I could change in store what isn't OK but it all fits fine (for now!)

I have just always followed the rule with sizes to go the next size up. DS is wearing a 5-6 atm that fit him and 2 pairs are still wearable so he'll probably go back in them if they still fit and save the 6-7yo ones. If he does have a growth spurt then I know the next size up will be fine as he has about 4-5 cm of 'gather' at the bottom. He's grown about 4cm since Jan and really hoping he doesn't do the same again in 6 weeks. grin

MigratingCoconuts Sun 24-Jul-11 21:45:36

For DD, I found that the dresses and the shirts are at least one year smaller than the label says, for my DD.

Tights too shrink a bit and fit better in a bigger size. However, they do not bobble or holeup as much as cheaper tights.

Tonksforthememories Sun 24-Jul-11 22:19:32

I found the blouse collars for DD1 too tight, and she's a real skinny minnie! I also had fitting problems with summer dresses and skirts as waists were huge (non adjustable) and length was non-existant. If i bought for her waist size they were almost indecent!

The only good thing about M&S is that their school shoes come in half sizes. DD1 can destroy a pair of Clarks shoes in a week!

teacherwith2kids Sun 24-Jul-11 22:23:12

M&S sizing is not so much small as wildly inconsistent.

DS can't wear their clothes at all - most are wide and short, he is thin and long.

DD has trousers and skirts from there - trousers are very wide, skirts very narrow, pinafore very short (if bought in her age size). She has a range of sizes from a year younger than her chronological age to two years older in order to get items to fit.

OhCobblers Sun 24-Jul-11 22:32:54

looks like its worth paying M&S a visit for DS to try on first? Hate the whole returning flaff when things are too small!
have just done a price comparison and they've come out cheaper than BHS and Next on the items i need!

bonkers20 Sun 24-Jul-11 22:42:40

I think I had three of most things and one PE kit. I soon learnt not to get things "to grow into" as they got wrecked before he grew into them!

I've always been happy with M&S.

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