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Do I take a card & gift?

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spacecadet1 Sat 23-Jul-11 16:19:07

DS1 has just missed his last week at reception (which he's very sad about!) as he's just come down with chicken pox & he's quite poorly with it. He painted some pics for teachers about a week ago which he wanted to make into cards for them & he wanted to make some cupcakes for the 2 teachers & 2 ta's in reception (although I was going to try to take him shopping to get something for them instead not knowing if teachers really liked edible stuff from 4 year olds wink).

Well because he's been so poorly, nothing got made, but he still wants to so I was wondering if we should still go ahead & make the cards & get a small gift & take it in in September or whether I should just try to get him to forget about the whole thing. Would it be daft to take things in at the start of a new term for teachers who wont even be looking after him?

Thanks in advance (& sorry for another present query!)

feedthegoat Sat 23-Jul-11 16:26:36

I don't think you should feel obliged to do it but if you are doing it because you and your ds want to give an end of term gift I don't think it is daft.

If I was his teacher I would be touched that you had gone to the effort when you not under last day pressure.

I hope your ds is feeling better soon too.

zandy Sat 23-Jul-11 16:57:47

Maybe get him to do a card and post it into school for the teachers. He might enjoy a trip to the postbox, and can then put it out of his mind by september.

nappysan Thu 04-Aug-11 23:22:15

Of course you should still thank the teacher, It is such an important message for your child that even if you are unwell you should remember to thank people as soon as you are able. Get your child to make a lovely card and post it and take in flowers or a small gift from your holidays on the first day back in September. Teachers really appreciate kind gestures and will have been thinking about him when he was ill. It will help to finish the year properly for him.

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