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Sats test for children in yr 6 next year

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Mammytoboys Sat 23-Jul-11 15:49:40

Hi just wondered if anyone knew when the yr 6 sats tests are going to be there normally in May so i have booked a holiday for June next year naughty i know first time ive took the boy's out of school and the headteacher said that they are thinking of moving the sats to June (typical) has anoyne else heard this ? thanks.

IndigoBell Sat 23-Jul-11 18:04:30

Highly unlikely they'll differ by that much from this year, as they still need to have time to mark them.

And this year they started 9th May

emptyshell Sat 23-Jul-11 20:01:15

When they were considering moving them to June before there was a LOT of sounding out the markers on the marker training day I was on to see if we'd still be marking them if they shifted the date (lots of us clear the bulk during the May half-term and if it went later it would hit report writing and the like). There wasn't any such sounding out going on this year at training so I'd be working on the usual early-May assumption myself.

mrz Sat 23-Jul-11 20:59:23

There are changes announced

Key changes to the current system will include:

Replacing the current writing test with teacher assessment of writing composition from 2013. This will ensure pupils can be more creative and will overcome the dangers of teaching to the test. This teacher assessment will make up the larger part of the overall writing judgement.
Introducing a test of some of the essential skills needed to become fluent, confident writers – spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. This will be trialled in 2012 so that it can be introduced in 2013.
Publishing more data in the 2011 performance tables onwards, including new three-year rolling averages from 2012, to give a rounded picture of a school’s performance.
Placing a greater emphasis on progress made by pupils.
Giving secondary schools teacher assessment judgements before test results, from 2012. This will mean there is more weight attached to them and allow longer for them to inform Year 7 teaching and learning.
Primary schools providing more information on pupils’ performance to secondary schools so Year 7 teachers know right from the outset children’s attainment and the areas where extra work is needed. This will start in summer 2013.
Trialling in 2012 of an extension to the testing period, so that pupils who are absent (e.g. due to illness) on the day of a test will have a week in which to sit it, rather than two days.

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