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Housepoints! Easy collection method needed!

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BusterGut Fri 22-Jul-11 19:11:42

a) Must suit KS1 and KS2
b) Must have minimal opportunities for cheating
c) No hassle for teachers
d) Collectable without children having access to individual drawers
e) Must work within a setting situation
f) Must be tried and tested!

Any good ideas out there? We have 4 houses that individual children collect housepoints for.

Tinuviel Fri 22-Jul-11 19:43:07

We can add achievement smile or behaviour sad points via SIMS on our computers. The system adds up achievement points and subtracts the behaviour points for each child. I'm sure you could do house points via that.

MrsShrekTheThird Fri 22-Jul-11 23:10:31

ours do a "very specific sticker" wink thing on a card in the hall.
none of your red and yellow dots for this lot hmm Points collected during the week in class, teacher has a notebook. sounds like work but honestly isn't - we just have a page a week for each of the 4 houses, and some very crappy tally scribbles. End of week we count, and transfer to the big sticker board in the hall. Works.
We tried doing it via sims but our system crashes too much!!

Lizcat Sun 24-Jul-11 17:21:07

This is a KS2 system. Each child has a diary when they awarded house points it is their responsability to get the teacher to write it in their diary. Each Friday they get the chance for the class teacher to sign them off in 10s, they then get 10 tokens in their house colour to put in the tubes (each tube holds 400), if the tube is full they get to go to the head of juniors who empties the tube and gives them the right colour star sticker to put on the chart. Beyond getting their own tokens I don't see how they could cheat. It does rely on the children, but I think that's okay in KS2. There are also certificates for getting 50, 75 and 100 house points in a term. Achievement, Effort and good behaviour get house points. Consistent bad behaviour results in a red card - 11 results in exclusion, in reality nobody has ever got more than 4 as far as I am aware.

BrigitBigKnickers Mon 25-Jul-11 00:09:14

I have a box full of little squares in different colours. I give children one out of this box every time they get a team point which they then put in their team colour box at the front of the class.
These are then counted at the end of each week.

EcoLady Mon 25-Jul-11 01:00:35

I visited a school where they gave raffle tickets for house points. Each house had a different colour, so each teacher had four books available.

The children put their tickets in a collecting box by the Head's office, where they were counted weekly. The winning house each week had a leaf put on a tree (the houses were Oak, Beech, etc) and the house with the most leaves won at year end.

Each book of raffle tickets got used twice - the first ticket & its counterpart.

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