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Online maths and French recommendations please

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Acinonyx Wed 20-Jul-11 11:50:28

DD is 6 and going into year 2. I'd like to get her an online course/activity/what not for maths and for French - free or subscrption. Something fun. Any recommendations?

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 20-Jul-11 11:52:43

liguascope for french and mathletics for maths

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 20-Jul-11 11:52:57

sorry linguascope!

munstersmum Wed 20-Jul-11 12:11:41

maths - (no vested interest !) 12 weeks free trial currently on offer. DS age6 actually asks to go on the games. More colourful than some.

Acinonyx Wed 20-Jul-11 13:02:59


Lizcat Wed 20-Jul-11 13:42:05

Again linguascope for languages and we have had great success with Maths Whizz.

Tinuviel Wed 20-Jul-11 13:44:00

linguascope is £200 and aimed at schools!! I once emailed them about a 'home ed' rate and they didn't even have the courtesy to get back to me. Education City includes languages, I think (and all other subjects!)

Acinonyx Wed 20-Jul-11 14:27:01

shock That is a bit pricey.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 20-Jul-11 15:54:01

oops - sorry! its one that dd uses through school.

RoadArt Wed 20-Jul-11 17:18:00

For maths, subscription but pricy - Lessons are based on ability rather than age/year. Excellent teaching methods.

Cheaper version for maths - Mathletics. Great for practice and consolidation, not as good on teaching.

EducationCity. Cheap, good basic skills in Maths, Literacy, Science, French German and Spanish. Language sections are quite hard to understand so not sure how effective it is. Again good for covering the basics though.

Lots and lots of free maths. Type KS2 maths and hundreds of sites will come up. SOmetimes variety means they can practice the same topic in different ways - helps their understanding.

Both Mathletics and Whizz follow a formula that kids soon pick up, but then they cant always translate it into different maths scenarios

Upsite of subscription sites is you can track their progress. Downside is there are lots of free sites that are just as good or even better with their teaching and ability to practice a huge variety of topics

RoadArt Wed 20-Jul-11 17:21:11

Also, at age 6, you dont want to be signing them up for 12 months, paying huge subscriptions, and then they dont want to do it. Kids like variety and the free resources are fantastic.

Carolinemaths Thu 21-Jul-11 08:42:07

I second Road Art about Maths-Whizz, I did a review of Maths-Whizz on my maths blog. They do have a free trial so it's worth doing that to see if your daughter takes to it. I hated Education City when I reviewed it! It's got excellent graphics - up there with the best console graphics but the content, although filled with lots of context, takes too long to get to the actual learning and does far too little practise of each skill. It's fine as revision, but even then, I'd go for something simpler that takes 10 mins and practises the concepts thoroughly then let my child play a "real video game"for 20 mins instead of half an hour of pseudo learning.

For French, my French phobic DD loves the iPhone app "Mindsnacks French" She's literally addicted to it! It's free, but then you need to upgrade to unlock the higher levels. The reviews for it on app store are also good and show that loads of people love it!

Acinonyx Thu 21-Jul-11 11:11:00

Great advice both of you thanks. Great maths blog too.

alegre Thu 21-Jul-11 11:47:41

For French websites try:

This site has nursery rhymes and stories like Goldilocks in French:

alegre Thu 21-Jul-11 12:10:01

Forgot to add the BBC primary French site:

pooter Thu 21-Jul-11 12:14:11

we do mathletics - on a reduced home ed rate - email them to get a code. think its 30 quid, then less if you renew. ds enjoys it and i think it is really well laid out and interesting. you can print off certificates.

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