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Fs profile score - ks1 sats

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takethat84 Tue 19-Jul-11 22:49:12

I have seen posts re how fs profile scores are used (rightly or wrongly) to estimate ks1 sats anticiapted scores.
How does this work?

lovecheese Tue 19-Jul-11 22:56:25

EYFS 9 = KS1 level 3's = KS2 level 5's = GCSE A* or A.

Is that what you mean?

Of course it's bullshit, but try telling that to OFSTED.

takethat84 Wed 20-Jul-11 14:02:56

Yes that was what I meant Lovecheese and I can see its rubbish too.

I think it is just a stick to beat schools with.

Thank you.

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