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Sorry SATS Results question - just a "2" not 2 a/2b

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omydarlin Mon 18-Jul-11 16:01:05

Is there any reason for my daughter's report to state that she is level 2 (as opposed to 2a/ 2b / 2c at "speaking and listening" and "science". I had heard something about them dropping science at KS2 but not at KS1 - can anyone help??

Sorry nother boring SATS question.

redskyatnight Mon 18-Jul-11 16:17:46

Teachers have to determine a a/b/c level for writing, reading and maths. They don't for speaking and listening or science. So your school has reported what they are required to assess.

omydarlin Mon 18-Jul-11 16:24:12

THANK YOU redskyatnight. Am ridiculously pleased with my daughters Sats results at L2 - she is a summer born - but more importantly for me her report shows that socially she has come on leaps and bounds and is kind and caring with her classmates.

Shame she acts like a 15 year old teenager at home lol!!

CardboardFox Mon 18-Jul-11 17:13:08

I was going to ask a similar question, only in relation to Year 3. DD got good results (I know this, this is not boasting by stealth!), with 3a's in maths and writing. The reading mark was a 4 with no subset. Is this similar to Yr 2, when anything above a level 2 is just a 3?

CardboardFox Thu 21-Jul-11 11:34:17

Just asking again smile. DD got a sub level for writing and maths (3b/3a), but not for reading (just a 4). Is this because when you are year 3, they don't sub level if you get above a 3? (ie like in year 2, you get 2 a/b/c, but no sub level if you get a 3).
Dd has gone in to ask - she told me she wanted to know (lol!), but just in case she forgets smile

IndigoBell Thu 21-Jul-11 11:39:24

In Y3 it's up to the school's discretion what they tell you. They don't have to tell you any level at all. So it sounds like your school have chosen not to report a sub level for levels 4+.

tgmaseela Fri 29-Jul-11 16:09:19

Can anyone tell me if my son (who has just finished Year 1 last week and is also a July born baby (so just gone 6 literally last week) has done okay and if he carries on as he is doing will he be good enough to try for Grammar School, I say Grammar School due to the fact that the schools that are near to us are horendous and the only decent school for miles around is a Grammar School. He got Level 2c for Numeracy and 2c for Reading, he scored 1a for Writing - these were the only levels given for any subject but he has done well generally in his other subjects.

spanieleyes Fri 29-Jul-11 17:35:28

There's a long way between year 1 and year 6! His results are above average for end of year 1 however and this could be an indication that he is a bright boy ( although you should know that already!) and potential grammar material. A great deal would depend on the grammars, do you live in a super -selective area-in which case many bright children still won't get into grammar-or a "top 10%" area?There can be a huge difference in intake

tgmaseela Tue 02-Aug-11 10:48:22

Spanieleyes, thank you for responding to my query. Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question and it is something I shall look into. My son goes to primary school 8 miles away from where we live due to us being Catholic and this being the nearest Catholic school to us. However I am not going to force the issues that he goes to a Catholic Secondary School as I feel that secondary school is about academic studies not religion - if there were a good Catholic Secondary that produced good results then I would send him but the nearest Catholic Secondary is 14 miles away and I don't know it at all, other than it is turning itself around - so I don't know where it has come from or where it is aiming for. I am aware that he is a bright spark but my thing is that I want him at the school that is going nurture this positively and not at one where it is a struggle for him to beat the odds - which unfortunately are the schools immediately around us, though we have no secondary school at all in our town so he would have to go out of town regardless. My other point too is that the Primary School that he attends now, though 'outstanding' in the eyes of ofsted does not push them towards getting into grammar school as they obviously want the children to move to the feeder Catholic Secondary. I understand that there is a good deal of time between Year 1 and Year 6 but I want to do my best for him and keep the momentum going, he is bright and I want him to be challenged accordingly, but I only want him to reach his potential that he is capable of. Our children's education is out of our hands as it were and it does concern me that I don't have 'control' over it. Sounds like I am neurotic I know but I just want what is best for my only child. Going back to the Grammar School in the town where my son currently attends primary school there are 2 grammar school but from what I can gather they are both very different.

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