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moving to the Wirral

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coccyx Sun 17-Jul-11 22:02:52

Hubby got a promotion and we could be moving to the wirral. What are the schools like? Primary and secondary. DD is due to go to a grammar school here so bit worried about the possible move

wheresthepimms Mon 18-Jul-11 09:58:57

We don't live on the Wirral but do go ski every weekend there. From the people who live there I hear good reports about the schools, the grammar school is supposed to be very good (friend DD got in but then went to West Kirby high as she wanted to be with her friends). All the children I know appear to be doing well at school. Sure someone will be along later to tell you which is the best area/schoool etc etc

admission Mon 18-Jul-11 11:12:51

Wirral does have grammar schools at secondary level. There are faith grammar schools but community grammar schools are in West Kirby ( WS grammar for girls, Calday Grange for boys) and then Wirral Boys and Wirral Girls which are in Bebington. Catchment for all four schools is quite wide with some pupils from the neighbouring LA, Cheshire West and Chester. Many of the secondary schools are converting or already have converted to Academies.
It is also quite common for Wirral pupils to go to schools in Cheshire West at secondary level, especially if they do not meet the required standard for grammar schools - Neston High is a popular choice. Also if you are living at the bottom end of the Wirral (Neston, Ellesmere Port) you are going to be in Cheshire West and Chester LA not Wirral)
At primary level, schools vary a lot with some being very popular with very small catchment zones and being full. Admission is sometimes a problem to schools that are considered good.
What year is daughter now? If they are going into year 6 in September you only have a couple of months to move and be an on-time application.

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