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Teacher assessments

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Stockley Sun 17-Jul-11 13:09:49

Hi - I'm sure this subject has been discussed many times so apologies for that, but I couldn't find quite what I'm looking for....

Just had very favourable reports for both DCs and I'm wondering if I can really believe them (!). Is there any benefit for schools in giving what you might call optimistic levels to children? We are at quite an ambitious state primary which aims for a high number of Level 5s in Y6 but gives teacher assessed levels every year before that. Could they be erring on the positive side, and if so what good does it do them?

Thank you!

spanieleyes Sun 17-Jul-11 13:18:58

Absolutely none as it will all come back to bite them in year 6! Obviously teachers want to show progression from year to year but the year 6 teacher will not be pleased if children turn up with overinflated teacher assessment levels!

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