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School Expansion

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IndigoBell Wed 13-Jul-11 00:06:13

My primary school is fighting a loosing battle with the LEA and there is a very strong possibility that we'll have to go from being a 3 form entry to a 4 form entry.

This will involve a year of building works. And once we get the extra kids we'll have to have staggered break times, less small spaces for interventions, and I don't know what other changes.

I don't know why but I'm really worried about it. I just can't see how we can stay being a good caring school if we have that many children crammed onto the site.

Am I being stupid? Can anyone reassure me that if it's a good school now, it will still be a good school after it's expanded?

AbigailS Wed 13-Jul-11 09:42:54

If it's a good school you can see why parents want their child there and why the expansion is happening. A good school stands a better chance of attracting good teachers. Yes, there will be some logistical problems, but if the school is good it will find a way through them.
As an aside, the same concern could be raised by parents of pupils at a school when other parents appeal for a place - if successful it increases pupil numbers!

IndigoBell Wed 13-Jul-11 10:15:27

The school isn't expanding because it's good. It's not even oversubscribed. All year groups have places in them.

But the LEA needs to find more reception classes than they have - and they don't want to build a new school.

I know the school will find it's way through logistical problems - but I still think my kids education will be effected - and all the other kids.

Staggered playtimes can't be good for kids can they? Surely the kids inside are disturbed by the ones outside?

While we will get more TAs - without more space we won't be able to run more interventions will we? So we will still end up with the same number of interventions being run at once.

I'm not sure that being good with SEN scales up. I mean if you have one statemented kid per class, you have a total of 12 statemented kids and you can manage - doesn't mean you'll be able to cope with 16 statemented kids.

Again you won't have any more space for 'break out' rooms or whatever. The playground will be more crowded. The number of kids who have to be kept apart due to conflicting SEN will grow exponentially.....

Nor do I think parents will want to send their kid to a 4 form entry, so I think we'll end up a 'sink' school......

The LEA may or may not have any choice. The school only has the choice of doing whatever the LEA want or becoming an academy. But as a parent I have far more choices.....

admission Wed 13-Jul-11 10:37:07

I think my answer to this is if the school is good it will find ways to improve the school both physically and in terms of the education provided to enhance their pupils learning. There is no doubt that the extra pupils will give more funding and therefore more scope for innovative teaching and learning.
If however it is not a good school with the right management then I would tend to share your misgivings that it may well lead to the school being on a downward track.

IndigoBell Wed 13-Jul-11 11:02:31

I do trust the head. Very much. And all the staff.

Can great staff can compensate for an inadequate site?

nlondondad Wed 13-Jul-11 15:18:53

I am puzzled that you say they are fighting a "loosing battle" with the LEA.

Can the LEA really increase the size of a school without the consent of the Governing Body?

IndigoBell Wed 13-Jul-11 15:23:41

Yes, the LEA can really increase the size of a school without the consent of the Governing Body. sad

Unless we become an academy.........

cat64 Wed 13-Jul-11 15:45:01

Message withdrawn

dajen Wed 13-Jul-11 18:40:09

"Nor do I think parents will want to send their kid to a 4 form entry, so I think we'll end up a 'sink' school......"

Depends on the school. My school is 4 form entry infants and always oversubscribed. The school was not built to be that size and three of the clasrooms are relocatables . Day to day we manage - hall big enough for assembly and 2 lunch sitting (although a bit of a crush) but events like Christmas performances are a bit of a challenge! We are fortunate enough to have 2 playgrounds.

If is is a good school then if the management and staff doesn't change then the school shouldn't.

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