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expected levels for Y3 and Y4

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sevenseas Tue 12-Jul-11 22:14:54

I am trying to work out whether my daughter has made any progress in reading this year.

In Y3 her report said 'well above national expectations' and when I asked, her teacher told me she was level 4 (they don't usually give out levels but we were newly arrived in the UK).

This year (Y4) her report says nothing about her reading except that she is 'above national expectations'. On the basis, given that national expectations are 3b/3a(?) for Y4 I think this may mean she is probably level 4c, ie no change or possibly a drop given that I wasn't given a sub-level last year.

I realise she is doing well but am concerned that she does not appear to have progressed and do not understand how she is supposed to 'improve'.

amistillsexy Tue 12-Jul-11 22:18:09

Do you read with her? Do you talk to her about her understanding of what she reads? This is the best way to a) ensure you can see and understand your child's progress and b) help her to 'improve'. To be honest, the fact that one teacher said 'well above and the other only said above is of no bearing on your DD's progress- these are not scientificly measured comments!

sevenseas Tue 12-Jul-11 22:45:12

Realise that but it is not just about those comments. DD was level 4 at end of Y3. From what I can gather from other threads on here, the 'expected level' for end of Y4 is 3b (I have been off reading other threads hence the change from my OP). This puts her at a 3a or at most a 4c this year, which is no progress at all.

She is an avid reader and to me seems to really understand and take in what she is reading. Last year her teacher thought she was very good, this year her teacher makes no comment at all. I am genuinely interested in understanding what she may be 'missing' in order to progress in her reading (when reading lots of varied, often challenging, books doesn't seem to have done the trick).

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