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Would you challenge the school about this?

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McDreamy Tue 12-Jul-11 18:54:21

DS is coming to the end of Y1. He is in a reception/Y1 class. There are 3 other classes split between reception/Y1/Y2.

This year Y1/Y2 went on a joint school trip to a science based museum and this week they are going to an aquarium. All the children in the year group went except for the 9 Y1 children in my DS Y1/reception group.

The reception children went on a trip to a local farm with the 9 Y1 children in DS class. They went on this trip last year when DS was in reception.

We were assured last year that although the classes were being split the Year 1's would be treated as Y1 and generally they have except for the school trips.

I am sure DS would have enjoyed the Y1 trips more than the farm trip but I am not sure I am going to make a big deal out of it with the school. A friend whose DS is also one of the 9 wants to challenge the school and is furious.

We have recently have school report and there is a slip asking for comments on the report and the school year. MAybe a comment on here would be sufficient.

Because of numbers the classes have been split differently this year with 2 pure reception classes and 3 Y1/Y2 classes so it shouldn't happen again.

DragonAlley Tue 12-Jul-11 18:57:40

I would maybe say how disappointed I/DS was and leave it at that.

McDreamy Tue 12-Jul-11 19:02:03

That's the what I was thinking of saying. Just highlighting it but not making a big deal of it. I can't change it for DS and it seems unlikely to be an issue for anyone next year. Just can't quite understand my friends fury - IMO there are bigger issues in life!

mrz Tue 12-Jul-11 19:03:02

Most schools that have mixed age classes don't repeat topics /visits /visitors so that children aren't repeating experiences.

thisisyesterday Tue 12-Jul-11 19:08:53

that sounds very unfair!

i don't see why they couldn't have included the 9 in the trips, even though they are in a different class....

I would actually be a bit pissed at that tbh. what else is happening differently between the classes?
if the curriculum the other Y1 children are following needed backing up with a science museum and aquarium trip then why do these 9 children not need to do it too?

I would do more than just comment, i would ask to speak to the class teacher and the head teacher and ask WHY they have done it like this and why these 9 children have to miss out on educational trips... and if they will have the opportunity to go on them later

zipzap Wed 13-Jul-11 01:03:03

I would be furious too and would have gone to the class teacher straight away if I found out this was happening. And then on to the head if they didn't listen. I would also have dragged as many of the other 9 parents along to complain at the same time so I couldn't be fobbed off that I was the only one unhappy at the situation.

They are discriminating against these children because they have had to repeat a trip they had already done and it sounds like the other kids are doing 2 trips and not one like your child.

I would speak to the teacher first thing tomorrow morning (if aquarium trip is not tomorrow morning - or even if it is) and demand ask why the children are being denied the aquarium trip. And then very nicely demand that they go on it.

If they say no, suggest that to make it more fair to the Y1 children that have been in the R/Y1 class who have not yet had a chance to go on a new trip unlike the others, that they swap your 9 with 9 of the other Y1 children so that at least they get to go on a new visit. If they say that this isn't fair on the 9 children that won't now be going on the aquarium trip then point out that exactly - and it is even more unfair on those children that aren't going.

They might try to throw practical issues in to stop them from going - such as not enough space on coaches or child:staff ratios. Would you and the other parent be able to go and help be a chaperone at short notice? Could they get a minibus or couple of MPV taxis or parents with big cars to help with getting them there? Try to think of all these sorts of issues in advance and have solutions to them so that if they try to use them to stop the kids from going you have a comeback to all of them.

The thing is - whether they like it or not - at that age, school trips are massively exciting and important to the kids on all sorts of different levels. Your 9 kids have already missed out on being in the 'real' Y1 and so will be feeling a bit off about that - to miss out on the trips that are deemed important enough for their contemporaries to go on is denying them the chance of doing something that is relevant to their Y1 work (and if not, why are the others going?). Plus it means that they did a 'baby' trip and not the 'big boy' trip which will feel a bit like a kick in the teeth or could be used by the others to tease them or come next term they won't have the experiences that their other classmates will have had and might want to use them later on.

All going on a Y1 trip together would have validated that they really were in Y1 and not that they were doing R again (especially given they were repeating the trip).

As a last resort I would demand ask nicely if the 9 children could be taken on the two trips near the start of the autumn term (or later this week/next week) so they will then be on a par with their classmates. or taken on the first trip if you manage to get them to go to the aquarium this week...

it is worth saying something - just because the classes are going to be different this year, doesn't mean something like this won't happen again. And it is your child that has already missed out on a trip that you yourself think they would have benefited from and might miss out on another one. The staff might have just been lazy about sorting it out and figured that if nobody says anything then they have got away with it or it could be that they just were not thinking straight and just thought each class would go on a trip with their teacher, forgetting that would mean some children repeating the reception trip.

Oops. just realised this has become a bit long but hopefully it has fired you up to go and get your child (and his classmates) on the second trip! and get taken to the first trip location too... good luck!

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