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Help! Question for teachers (esp if in Wales) re reports

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Takver Tue 12-Jul-11 18:50:02

Wondered if anyone could help me. We've just had (yr 4) dd's report from school, and it is (even by the standards of these things) spectacularly uninformative.

Just to give an example, you would have no idea from the report that dd is very poor at writing to the extent that she has been referred for an assessment for possible dyslexia/dyspraxia, but that she reads/comprehends well ahead of her age.

Given this, I'd really like to have some idea of where she is relative to 'expected' levels in maths & science (obv we know about language because we have been to meetings in school re the referral).

So my question is, firstly, would the school have made an assessment of where pupils are at relative to NC levels at the end of year 4? (Or is it something that only happens at the end of yr 2/yr6?)

And secondly, if so, would it be really out of order to ask to know what these levels are? (I have a bit of an excuse as they are using new software for monitoring which helps them generate the reports, and they have - foolish people grin - said that we are welcome to give feedback on the new format.)

I know I'm being a pushy parent - but I'd really like to have some feel for how dd is doing in other curriculum areas . . . bit late to find out at the end of yr 6.

admission Tue 12-Jul-11 20:17:11

The national assembly for Wales circular 18/2006 is the guidance that the school should be using as the basis for what is in their reports.
There is a requirement for each year group to give brief particulars of a pupil's progress in all National Curriculum foundation subjects. The recommendation for best practice is that the report should contain clearly identified and separate comments on each subject. There is also a requirement for details of the pupil's general progress to be recorded along with the arrangements under which the report can be discussed with teachers at the school.
There is only a requirement for details of teacher assessments of the level of attainment at the end of year2 and year6 but best practice that Estyn would want to see is that the attainment of each pupil is recorded every year in the foundation subjects. If Estyn do come in and there is no attainment data or target setting from year 2 to year 6 then the outcome is likely to be poor, so I would be hopeful that the school has that data.
The other requirement is that there is a summary of the pupil's attendance record.
I would ask away as to what information they have and what information you as a parent would like to see on the report, especially given they have asked for feedback. The fact they are asking for feedback means that the school is pro-active in wanting to work with parents or putting my cynic hat on an Estyn inspection is not that far away.

Takver Tue 12-Jul-11 20:25:22

Thanks, admission, that's really helpful. They do give 'particulars' by subject, but it is simply a list of things that the pupil can do (eg 'X is beginning to construct grammatically correct sentences').

As a parent I can't easily map these onto expected levels for the age group (even in language, where because of dd's problems I've read up a bit on the requirements for the different levels).

I have to say the thing about feedback was really a bit of a throwaway comment while they were describing their new software at the parent governors meeting, rather than a formal request. Its more an excuse for me, IYKWIM.

I'm just trying to decide whether to ask now, or wait until the parents evening which is after October half term - I'm a bit of a member of the Awkward Squad already, so maybe best to wait (but then her new teacher will have only had her half a term - so maybe better to ask now . . .)

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