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Mixed age class

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Pandam Tue 12-Jul-11 15:48:50

My ds is just finishing yr3 and will be going into a mixed yr3/yr4 class next year. The school has put all the summer borns yr4's into this class. This is only the second year that the school has ever had a mixed class. A number of yr4 parents in the mixed class have not been happy with the progress of their children this year. DS's yr3 report shows where he is working in relation to age expectations, e.g. below, average, or beyond - but does not give any more detail than that. Would it be reasonable to ask the school for his actual attainments levels now so that I can monitor his progress or otherwise this year? Or should I just wind my neck in?!

hula84 Tue 12-Jul-11 21:01:23

I have found it to be the other way round. Progress inmy ds's mixed age classes seem to be better for the older year group.

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