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Council paying Independent school regarding of child never attending

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sky111 Mon 11-Jul-11 23:14:25


My council has been funding a school placement in an Independent school even though my child has never attended and it was made clear at tribunal that parents would not place child in the school regardless if named in PART 4. While I realise its not my money, I have asked the school to refund the money to the LA for no service provided but the schools position is that placement was provided for child as directed by Tribunal and position was agreed through the Governing Body. In this instance the school claim it was not necessary to refuse a placement to another pupil.

My local newspaper has named this school in story that I got published saying how my LA is funding a placement which parents have refused.

While as parent my initial judgement on the school was correct, I feel sad that LA can say the are doing their duty and the independent school make 100% profit but my child receive nothing in return.


EldonAve Tue 12-Jul-11 07:23:17

Why won't you send your child to the school?

onadifferentplanettoday Tue 12-Jul-11 07:31:17

Why do you not consider the placement suitable ,were you wanting a different school named at the tribunal ?

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