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Bossy friend in Y2

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TooTiredToArgue Mon 11-Jul-11 13:31:21

Can anyone advise? DS is nearly 7, in year 2 and currently goes around in a group of 3 (and one is always left out, right?). The other boys are much older than he is (October and December birthdays) and while they obviously like my son, they are pretty bossy with him and order him around a lot. A bit like he's an annoying younger brother.

I don't often see them all together, but did this weekend and I found it quite hard to watch, particularly one of the boys instructing my son on his table manners. My son just takes it and doesn't retaliate. To be honest, I think he hero worships one of the boys, and I'm not sure that's healthy.

I'm seeing the summer as a chance to have a break from these boys (hero one in particular), but it's tricky because DS never wants to play with anyone else or invite anyone else over to our house.

Am I worrying too much? Will it all come out right in the end? Anyone else been through anything similar? Thanks, in advance.

TooTiredToArgue Tue 12-Jul-11 14:24:02


LB29 Tue 12-Jul-11 14:55:38

Are there any summer groups, football etc in your area? My DD is shy and can get bossed about, but having plenty of different friends means she doesn't rely on one or two friendships too much. I think this has given her the confidence to tell her friends when they are being mean as she knows she can easily go and join in with another group.

TooTiredToArgue Tue 12-Jul-11 15:02:14

Thanks, LB29. Have booked him on 2 camp things in the summer holidays which are completely separate from school. He does extra curricular things during the week too, and gets on with the other children there, but when at school always gravitates back to these particular boys.

Anyone else?

bellybuttons Tue 12-Jul-11 15:36:46

My DD is in a similar friendship with two girls. She is just 7 and they are both early birthdays. She gets bossed about and babied by them but isn't too bothered! She does make her voice known when she wants too. She has other friends and does extra curricular stuff which helps too. They are being split next year and DD is with the bossier one and the other (her bestest! Friend) is in the other class! Who knows what that will mean!
Hopefully the summer camps will be good for your ds and he will have great fun.

TooTiredToArgue Tue 12-Jul-11 15:47:33

Thanks, bellybuttons. Ironically, the bossiest child is very popular in DS's class. His bossy behaviour doesn't seem to put the other children off, which I find a bit odd. My DS, on the other hand, is very sensitive and gentle. I'm not sure how to encourage him to stand up for himself a bit more. He certainly seems to be a happy enough, and if he wasn't, I'd soon know about it.

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