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Interpreting levels on reception report from description help

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NorhamGardens Sun 10-Jul-11 15:19:32

Hi, sorry I know that there are a few threads that are similar, I've checked (against EYFS chart) but none the wiser about where DC might be on the scale. I think around a 6-8. Can anyone help? Think 'good progress' may indicate a certain level reached, ditto 'developing understanding'? Not worried but curious. Thanks. If I ask at about levels at school teacher will probably think I am unhinged, v relaxed school smile. DC has this teacher again next year.

Personal, Social & Emotional

Has made good progress. Careful and incredibly confident. Enthusiastic with a strong desire to learn. Has made very good friends with the children in class. Can interact with peers and adults v well. Dependable, conscientious and reliable. Has matured and grown since start of year when was a little shy at first. Fun to have in class.

Communication, language and literacy

Has made good progress. Has worked very hard. Can read many sight/tricky words. Can use phonic knowledge to decode. Has been able to use the words in writing. Usually uses a full stop and finger spaces. Can speak in front of class confidently. Sometimes reverses bs still. Will sometimes forget to use a capital letter at start of sentence. (Reading stage 6-7 ORT in class)

Problem Solving, Reasoning numeracy

Developing understanding. More confident now in ordering, recognising & counting to 20 and beyond. Can form numbers correctly but occasionally will forget & reverse one. Can solve practical problems well, no problem with adding 1/taking 1 away. Good understanding of 2D/3D shapes & can use appropriate and accurate vocabulary to describe them. Can sort objects according to properties. Can make comparisons between objects of different lengths, heights & weights. Was happy to sing about this in the show. Can happily & easily sort objects according to their properties.

Knowledge and Understanding of World

Loves this area and asks probing questions all the time, always wants to know more. Model making is improving, always constructing generally with different materials. Good with computers and completing programmes. Familiar with different cultural traditions and the world around us.

Physical Development

Enjoys this a lot. Enjoyed the dance competition and the end of term 2. Very happy to move around and has good motor control.

Creative Development

Very creative and loves art and music. Has shown flair for art and real ability when playing musical instruments. Very confident in this area. Comfortable with all the art experiences model making, painting and collaging.

MrsShrekTheThird Sun 10-Jul-11 15:26:28

blimey, that's an awesome report! I don't know about EYFS sorry, thought you meant NC levels initially blush but then had to comment at such a fantastic report smile

NorhamGardens Sun 10-Jul-11 15:38:56

Is it? Thank you. Not really sure to be honest as I think school tradition is to be very positive at this stage in the game especially. Think the 'developing understanding' rather than the 'good progress might be an indicator this area is not so strong. Also if they were particularly pleased/impressed I would imagine they'd use 'excellent progress' or 'very good progress'. To be honest I've wondered if this one of mine is v bright (compared to siblings) but didn't think the report suggested 8/9s which allegedly indicates this (?) at this point in time? I think it's very early to tell at this point anyway.

youarekidding Sun 10-Jul-11 15:59:02

He's reading ORT level 6? at the end of year R? I would say from that report you have no worries, it's fab. DS was reading ORT level 3 and got a 6 so would think he's a 7/8 or possibly 9?

Thing is tbh 6 and above is national expectations. DS got 6/7 for all of it and just did his yr 2 assessments and NE and above in everything.

The fact he's eager to learn will ensure he makes as much progress as he can - The teacher will not think your unhinged of you ask to see his EYFS profile.

NorhamGardens Sun 10-Jul-11 18:29:08

Thanks. There are some others reading above that level in class. I don't want to be seen as pushy & not overly worried (more curious) so think will see what happens next year. I thought for an 8 or 9 in literacy they had to be writing quite a bit with proper punctuation and no letter reversals? Not sure if reversing some numbers means a lower level too?

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