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Special Learning Plans

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mom101 Tue 05-Jul-11 21:37:44

Hi My little girl joined a very good school that has a reputation for being very very fast.

Unfortunately my little girl joined suffering from glue ear since the age of one and was behind in her speech and comprehension by one year on joining.

I went out of my way last october to point out to the teacher that she would need a special learning plan to aid her with this issue.

They would not put her on the plan. I have been to see the teacher several times outside of the standard parents evening to talk about her progress. They acknowledged she was behind but would not agree to put her on the plan.

2 weeks ago I was called into by the school who confirmed that she is behind by atleast 1 year on her development in reception. This was no surprise to me...and they recommended that she go on a special plan that would put her on the special needs register. Whilst I have no problem with this as I always wanted this I feel annoyed that the teachers did not take any notice of what I was telling them about my daughter at the start of the year and I have lost one year on having this tool to aid her. Has their approach been professional or lazy?

Does any one have experience of having a child on a special plan, has it been useful for your child's development

IndigoBell Wed 06-Jul-11 06:39:47

Special Learning Plans are called IEPs (Individual Education Plans) in most schools.

About a third of the class should have one.....

Do they help? Depends on the school, the teachers, the TAs and the SENCO.

A piece of paper never helped anyone. Extra help / support helps most kids.....

So the important thing is what is on the plan, what are her targets, and how are they going to help her achieve them......

lovecheese Wed 06-Jul-11 09:16:40

Hi Indigobell - a third of the class? Really?

IndigoBell Wed 06-Jul-11 10:08:10

Sorry, after some googling the most accurate figure I can come up with is 20% - so a fifth of the class (on average) should have an IEP, or 6 out of 30.

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