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Cost cutting our primary school is losing a teacher. Head now to teach f/t.

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Lotkinsgonecurly Tue 05-Jul-11 18:27:56

Our local rural village school with 90 pupils has faced large funding cuts from the County Council. So, the school has decided to lose a teacher rather than look for alternative ways to recoup the money or alternative fundraising etc.

I'm quite worried for the future of the school. There are now 3 teachers instead of 4 and the head teacher will be teaching a year 5/6 class together with a teaching assistant.

How have other local primary schools arranged themselves due to cost cutting and does anyone have any experience of this arrangement working?

teacherwith2kids Tue 05-Jul-11 18:43:38

How many classes will that leave you with?

As in, is it 4 classes, with 3 teacher + the head? Or 3 classes, 1 of which will be taught by the head?

In a nutshell, school budgets as I understand it work best with 30 in a class. If there are less than 30, the amount of money per class (to pay for staff) is lower. So if you have 4 classes of 22/23 then that is still 7 or 8 pupils short of the 'optimum' budgeted amount. If it is 3 of 30, then that is 'normal' ratio of teachers to pupils and the funding level is secure.

i know, i know, it's more complicated than this and has all kinds of other things going on. But a school readjusting classes to bring class sizes closer to 30 does not put their future in danger, it puts their funding on a more secure footing.

That said, a F/T teaching head is quite an ask. The school I teach in is of a similar size and we have a non-teaching head (who is also SENCo - quite a heavy job in a school like ours). Is the TA a HLTA who can take the class on her own?

inkyfingers Tue 05-Jul-11 18:46:21

our local primary of 40 pupils will lose a full-time teacher and there will be 2.5 teachers in Sept which includes the head. She will teach half the week. Three teachers for 90 pupils sounds stretched unless you have a few higher level TAs. Also school swimming, music involves outside staff which evens the load for main staff. It all may depend on the individual county you're in. I would hope they'd look for alternative funding, but the costs of a teacher aren't going to be met by economies elsewhere. It's possible that your school has decided on losing a teacher rather than, say, 1.5 TAs.

Hope it works out for you.

Lotkinsgonecurly Tue 05-Jul-11 20:58:17

Its definitely 4 classes 3 plus the HT. There are a few good ta's plus there is a ta assisting the class who is in her last year of a PGCE.

I think I'm just really concerned this is happening. The HT isn't the most organised person around.

belindarose Tue 05-Jul-11 21:06:11

That poor headteacher will need all the support she/ he can get. Tha decision will not have been taken lightly.

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