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Teachers with Y 1,2 and 3 kids can you recommend any maths work books???

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MilaMae Tue 05-Jul-11 18:06:10

I need to get some for my dc(7,7 and 6) but had a look in WHSmiths and was a bit bemused.

The Carol Vorderman ones are deffo out as looked like total tedium.Some with place value would be good.Just something to keep things ticking over during the hols.


aries12 Tue 05-Jul-11 18:50:23

Mental Maths seem good..plenty of exercises to do!

letthembe Tue 05-Jul-11 20:04:55

As well as books, it's the practical fun side of maths that will help most. Baking together - weighing and measuring quantities, repeat with water plants (using a jug), creating height and weight charts for each other, using real money - plan a tea party (handle the money) and of course there is a multitude of boardgames that are great for maths. My DS learnt numbers 1-100 playing Snakes and Ladders in the Summer holidays before entering reception.
I like the Orchard Toys for educational games and the Puzzle Company also have some good things.
I have also used various Internet games/sites to reinforce maths skills/concepts, particularly Education City and BBC Bitesize.
Have fun with them - they learn better.

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