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School report

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trikster Tue 05-Jul-11 09:58:10

I'll be having an Op in a few days time. Not sure how long I'll be in bed. Could be anything between a month to a few months. My DS is in Year 1 with job sharing teachers, Mrs C and Mrs T. I asked for a meeting to be set up with Mrs T, firstly to explain that various people (parents of DS's classmates have kindly offered to help) will be collecting DS from school so would she like me provide a list of parents and the days they are collecting or a seperate note each day that the collecting person can hand in.
Secondly I wanted to know when the end of year reports are due. If they're due after i go to hospital, I'll won't have the opportunity to speak to her about any issues. Can she therefore go through any areas of concern that she may have so that we (my DS and I) can work on them whilst i'm bedridden during the summer break. I made it clear during the outset that i do not expect her to issue the report earlier than the rest of the class. Mrs C came in the room partway through the conversation whilst i was speaking to Mrs T and refused for us to discuss any issues regarding DS's progress until after the reports have been issued. I explained that i may not be able to due to my Op and i'm not sure if I'll be able to in September either. Mrs C will have none of it. She said it will set precedence and that she will refer the case to the head teacher. I was not happy with her attitude and said that i prefer to carry on my discussion with Mrs T, at which point she said, "would you like me to leave the room?". I said, "yes please", and she left. Before the meeting was terminated, Mrs T assured me that the report is very simple and straight forward to understand and that DS is doing fine and she has no concerns. I'm very unhappy with this response. Anyone got any advice on how i can get the teachers to discuss my DS's progress?

Jinx1906 Tue 05-Jul-11 10:14:08

I think the attitude of the teachers is very disappointing. If it were me I would discuss this matter with the head and if I got nowhere with the governors. Not releasing the report is one issue, but there is also the way this matter was dealt with.
In terms of setting a precedent, surely there aren't that many parents who are taken ill around report time. It is not as if you are taking you children out to go to Benidorm for the remaining weeks of school.

All the best with your op. hope you recover swiftly.

wheresthepimms Tue 05-Jul-11 10:38:27

I would go to the head and discuss the matter, mention to the head that if there is a problem with the report that you do not understand and wish to discuss further then could she provide a phone no for you to call, in the holiday time when you are feeling slightly better to arrange a home visit by the teacher to discuss the concerns. This will get them to talk to you before your Op as they will not want to be dealing during the holiday time. Also bring up the manner in which you were spoken to and that if she can speak to a parent in that way how does she speak to the children as this concerns you. The head will sort it out, otherwise if she doesn't a letter to the governors explaining the manner in which you have been treated will really give them the kick up the butt they need.

Hope your op goes well

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