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Appeal next week!

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The3Bears Tue 05-Jul-11 09:45:08

Another appeal thread I know but just wondered if anyone could be kind enough to give me any last pieces of advice. Ive been told my appeal is very strong and have alot of backing but I cant help but feel this is my only chance and I do not want to fail my ds.

My main point is that in April this year my ds's leg was hurt while playing with his friend, he had a bad limp and we took him to hospital. He had fractured the bone and they found a cyst next to the fracture, we waited for a mri scan and were given the all clear.
A week later we were back for a check up and were told that we might have to go to a hospital in Birmingham that specialises in these types of things and sure enough a week later we had a letter with an appt to go there.
I went to my sons gp and was told that it's safe and nothing to worry about its a benign bone tumour and they would do a biopsy on it and then remove it. He did a strong letter of support for the appeal on the facts that this would be traumatic for my ds and he sees strong medical grounds for him staying with his current peer group (stay at the same school as preschool) and he wouldnt be able to walk to much in the months that follow so a school nearest too is the only option.
We had the appointment at Birmingham and now we are waiting for an appointment for the biopsy anytime now. This is my main point, is this strong enough do you think for medical grounds?

Also my son is extremely shy we have a support letter from pre school and his health visitor about this it took him a long while to settle in to pre school and to move him we feel would ruin all the effort that was put in to settling him where he is now.
I also have a letter of support from our local mp as she has put on the letter the unique case that surrounds my ds she is happy to support this case.

Do you think I have enough to go on here as this is my only chance and if my son cannot get a place here we are completley stuck as its going to be impossible to get to the school offered with my son finding it hard to walk, so its this or home schooling.

prh47bridge Tue 05-Jul-11 10:19:33

The central question is whether this is an infant class size appeal. The LA's case should clearly state whether or not it is.

If it is an infant class size case you should only win if the LA has made a mistake. The fact that your son's medical problems didn't start until April suggests that they did not make a mistake, so if the appeal panel plays by the rules you should fail. You may find that in the circumstances of this case the panel is willing to stick its neck out and admit your son but that will very much depend on the panel you get.

If it is not an infant class size case I think you have a good case supported by independent evidence. There are no guarantees, though. It will depend on how the panel views the relative strength of your case versus the case to refuse admission.

Good luck.

The3Bears Tue 05-Jul-11 10:23:24

sorry yes it is infant class size so I shouldnt hold out much hope then.

Who would have known getting into a school could be such hard work. sad

prh47bridge Tue 05-Jul-11 10:40:53

There is always hope and you should give it your best shot. You never know what may come out in the hearing.

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